5 Step How to Eliminate Smoke Smell in the House

How to Eliminate Smoke Smell in the House

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The smell of nicotine and smoke can stick to carpets, linens, window screens, and interior walls. The unpleasant smell will be apparent in all parts of the house.

The leftover tar and resin are hard to deodorize. Even on extensive damage, replacing carpets, air purifying, and total house cleaning may be needed.

Immediately apply this guide to prevent extensive smell in the house.


1. Preparing the House for Deodorizing

First, we need to remove all smoke sources including ashtrays, ends of the cigarettes, and cigarettes butts. Put them in a grocery bag, seal it tight, and then throw away.

We also need to open the doors and windows to air out the house. For hidden corners, turn on the fan and point it so it pushes the air out.

When we are done with those things, we need to buy several deodorizing agents. We will need hydrogen peroxide, activated charcoal, and baking soda.

2. Removing the Odors from Linens, Cloth, and Carpet

Gather all of your linens and clothes that get the odors. Wash and dry clean the linens and clothes, and don’t forget your shades and curtains.

They are often left out. As for the carpet, vacuum the entire surface. It is also essential to use shampoo and baking soda while cleaning it. Sprinkling the baking soda and leave it for a day will be enough to absorb the odors. Rub softly a little if you have to.

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3. Remove the Smoke Odor from All Surfaces

The entire surface of the house will need to be cleaned as well. You can use diluted bleach and vinegar to wipe the surface and remove the odors. You also need to wash other surfaces including fixtures, walls, window screens, ceilings, and the floors.

Distilled white vinegar will be helpful in cleaning house appliances, metal furniture, plastic, and wood surfaces. Last, don’t forget to dust and rinse your knick knack. They may get the odors as well.

5 Simple Step How to Eliminate Smoke Smell in the House

4. Repainting Your Wall

In extensive cases, it is essential to repaint the wall. First, you need to use a cleaning solution to wash your wall. And then, before applying the paint, it is wise to add a layer of deodorizing primer.

We can use primer products like Kitz and Zinsser Bullseye. They are effective in deodorizing smoke odors including those that are trapped too long. Simple repainting doesn’t actually remove the smell but traps the odor within the paint.

5. Purifying the Air

This can be done through three ways. You can start to buy a new air purifier. If you already have one, you should consider replacing all filters in your air conditioning, furnace, and air filters. In addition to it, you can put several bowls of activated charcoal around the house. It tends to absorbs the odors and remove it from the house.

Depending on your case level, those tips above will be helpful. You don’t need to apply them all if it isn’t extensive. However, you need to know that smoke odor especially from cigarettes can cause serious breathing issue especially on children so it is wise to apply those guides above.

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