How to Decorate a Wall with Photos

How to Decorate a Wall with Photos

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Are you looking for a way to decorate a wall with photos? Then your search has ended.

In this article we will discuss about some ideas of how photos can be decorated with other decorations to create another great decoration for your house.

These are the ideas and steps for decorating walls with photos:

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1. Choose the Room

Before you decide what photos you should put on your house wall, choose the room first. You might be thinking of your living room or your bedroom, but actually any walls can be put on pictures.

This is all about personalization; each room in your house has its own meaning, story, and atmospheres that can be improved through decoration.

However, putting many self or family pictures in the bedroom can be restless. It will work for other rooms anyway.

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2. Pick a Theme

After you choose your room, you should pick a theme that can be various. For example, you had chosen your bedroom. In your bedroom, what kind of atmosphere do you intend to feel? It is about comfort, isn’t it? You want to feel comfort in your bedroom, so that’s why it is recommended to give your bedroom wall photos of your loved ones.

It can be your family, your friends, or your boyfriend/girlfriend. You want the decoration to be comforting, what comforts you more than your loved ones? After that, pick the theme; for example, a tree.

The tree is comforting. For this theme you can buy a big tree wall sticker. Then, place the photos on its branches. The key point is to be creative and make the decoration, like what you imagined.

Ideas for decorating a wall with family pictures

3. Make It Different

There are many ways in decorating the wall using photos. One of them is using frames and backgrounds. To make things different, you can be creative with the frame designs and background colors. But it all also depends on the decoration in the room you had chosen.

For example, you want to improve the elegance in your room, then for the picture frames you can choose the same style and engraving, but the shapes and sizes can be different.

For this, the background color should be the same. But what if you want to improve the room you had chosen to be more vibrant and joyful?

Then, the answer is to buy different frames with different designs and background colors, but keep the shape square or rectangular.

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4. Fill Your Wall

Fill up your wall with photos of you or your loved ones. To do this, you don’t have to use any frame, but what you must do is to print the photos and arrange them to be able to fill your whole wall.

Just choose a side of wall, do not apply this idea on every wall or your room would not have any place for other decorations.

Using photos as wall decorations can be fun to work with, that’s why these ideas exist to bring inspiration for you to be creative. Now that you know how to decorate a wall by using photos, how will you apply the ideas on your wall?

Birdcage wall decor photo holder

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