How to decorate a wall with mirrors for dinning room

Tips on How To Decorate a Wall with Mirrors

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Mirror is a simple decoration to enhance and highlight certain atmosphere in a room.

A gorgeous mirror may look great in the catalog, but the one that belongs to your room is something represent “a piece of you”.

Before decorating the wall, set your heart to a clear goal of befitting ambiance.


1. Choose the Suitable Shape And Size

The first thing you will notice when you enter the interior store is various shapes and sizes of mirror. Without doubt, each one wraps different surprise for your wall.

The common cut for a mirror is rectangular and shape. It is made for traditional look. If you want something which is more captivating but simple, pick the oval or the circular one.

For the quirky and eccentric personality, set all eyes on you with the diamond or triangle shape mirror. It is also possible that a mirror could stand as the stunning ornament by itself.

For this purpose, choose the starburst design. Your wall size is also one of the top list considerations. Big wall calls for big mirror as well. Unless you have put other wall decoration, never hang small windows on large wall.

Decorate wall with mirrors
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2. Observe the Function

Decorative is definitely one of the function. Behind the pretty look, there are some lists of roles a mirror can perform. If you want the ornamental function, pick one with striking frame.

Hanging the mirror itself brighten the ambiance in the room. It could also be the focal point of the room. How it works? The mirror catches every body’s attention with its vibrant and bold frame color.

For small houses with limited spaces, big mirror could be a savior instead of a nuisance.

Huge mirror creates the perception of bigger space. Placing the tall mirror on the floor will add dramatic effect, as it will reflect the space in front of it.

The latest trend is to hang stylish mirror with distinctive contemporary design as a form of art. This type of mirror could swing the concept easily: from vintage to modern one.


3. Play Some Tricks

Budget for decoration should not always be high. Maximize your cash for optimum result. If the item is not magnificent enough, do some magic to complete it.

Put a big empty photo frame in front of the mirror. This doubling technique will make a statement in the room. You can also install the mirror on the kitchen cabinet.

The cooking place will get its own reflector to spread the light. Another unique option is hanging a lot of mirrors in one side of the wall.

Be creative while choosing the shape and frame. Shape and color variation are the main points. Uniformity is not recommended for this style.

If you have a plain window without frame, make it extraordinary with the unique frame. Highlighting not only the mirror, but also draw structured lines.

Something with great title comes from great personality. You do not need to take somebody else’s pick. All you need to do is choosing the fixtures that have “you” in it. Next time you go to the interior store, keep a notes of the advices and try to apply it.

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