How To Decorate Hanging Shelves

DIY Tips: How To Decorate Hanging Shelves

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The way you arrange the things will determine how your house look like.

Fancy decoration on the walls and striking focal point will not hide the piled up stuffs on the corner.

Simple functional item like wall shelf could be far prettier with neatly organized things on it. Learning this trick does not hurt you.


1. Create Book Corner

When you realize that you tend to pile up things in the corner, why don’t make real space for books and stuffs? You only need board and iron support.

Measure the area and draw simple blue print. Cut and paint the board to your favorite color. It will be more adorable if you could give space for paintings on one side of the wall.

For safety precaution, do not put the heavier book on the top shelf. Flower or figurine decoration adds fresh look to this corner.

How to decorate floating shelves in living room

2. Combine Small and Big

Consistency could be ignored for a while. Take the board and assemble boxes of different sizes.

Make sure the depth is enough to hold at least one CD or book. Finish them with rainbow or plain tone to your preference. Mount them on the walls to get the real artistic look.

This technique works well on the pastel tone wall. If you rely on the shelf for wall decoration, you can stick wrapping paper on the back side of the frame.

3. Light Up Vertical Shelf

You can bring the high building illusion with a shelf. Cut the board into two or three similar rectangular shapes. Also cut some smaller boards to be the book holder.

Give enough space on the highest tier to display photo or panoramic painting. Dip them into contrastive color to the wall.

Do not forget to nail the book holder to the main board. Mount the shelf vertically on the wall.

Then, install overhead lighting just above the self-made rack. Put the animal shaped iron to substitute book divider.

4. Rebuild The Vintage Shelf

Do not throw away your old drawer just yet. Transform it into an enchanting shelf for your room.

Repaint the drawer with vintage colors such as teal, navy blue, and maroon. These colors could cover the old paint and any scratch well. If you love pastel tone, make sure you have applied putty well on every holes of the drawers.

Otherwise, it will be a mess. When mounting on the wall, put the handle on the left or right side to allow for more hook.

Vintage hanging shelves for kitchen

5. Attach the Old Spacious Stuff

The old ladder could also be an artistic choice for hanging shelf. Measure the length and cut as needed. It is even better if you could apply anti termite layer for longer durability.

You can also give colors if you want to. Mount the ladder on the wall after finished. You are suggested to mount one ladder on a side of a wall.

The weight of a ladder is quite a number. Hanging two will raise the falling risk.

Having great indoor decoration does not guarantee a better looking room. The key point is how you arrange everything in the room. Shoving messy things in the corner is not a good pair for elegant ornament. In fact, they should not be together. Stay organized with the decorative hanging shelf.

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