How to Decorate a Large Wall with Vaulted Ceilings

How to Decorate a Large Wall with Vaulted Ceilings for your Crowning Glory

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Do you quietly enjoy looking at your ceilings? Make the ceiling as the way to impress your guest.

Open, clear and serene atmosphere can be shown by the design of the ceilings itself.

Here is the way to decorate your large wall with vaulted ceilings.

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1. Paint the vaulted ceilings with the best colors

Remember the power of colors; you can use it as the first step. Show off your taste by applying the colors in the ceiling.

Do not make the large wall as a blank space, draw attention and paint the ceilings impeccably to accentuate the wall.

If you want to make it elegant, paint it all white. Make the vaulted ceilings as canvas and add monochrome colors in it.

2. Add lighting

The second step to make the design more beautiful is with adding the light. Lighting is one of the most important things when it comes to decor the interior.  Put some impressive lighting features to woo your guest.

Create warm illumination an welcoming sense by adding a pendant lighting close to ceiling. If you like something sparkly, find crystal chandelier and put it there. Make the people memorize how great the pattern it is.

Decorate large wall vaulted ceiling

3. Set more features

The third step is to use something chic as features. You can set a window at  the ceilings. Remember that the vaulted ceiling match with the French window. It is simple yet classic design for your airy room.

If you like Victorian touch, you can go with Cathedral ceilings idea. It creates fantasy, it make the small room becomes larger and the dark room become brighter. Set drape of velvet to make it glamour.

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4. Accessorize the high wall

Do not forget the large wall, you cannot leave it empty. Use the wall as a display. Put the best photo or your life-size photo. If you like art, hang the fancy drawing or painting. Do you like the impressionist work? Show your collection.

Add some French impressionist painting like the work of Monet.  Choose the one which go along with the landscape. For example the Water Lilies paint in the 1915, the colors will make your room comes out beautifully.

5. Blend it with the Furniture

The last but not the least step is combining the design together with your furniture. If you like minimalist design, put a TV in the room. Make a valuable time with your family while enjoy the decorated ceilings.

If you want to go classic, pay attention to the stuff like fire place. Set a fireplace under your vaulted ceilings; combine it with stone walls close the ceiling.

Do not doubt to show your ideas when design the ceilings. The vaulted ceiling is the best aspect to emphasize your large wall. Use the wall as well, try different idea and grasp the sensation when accessorize it.  Let the design display yourself, use the charisma of the design of the ceilings and show the people your taste.

Large Wall with Vaulted Ceilings decoration ideas

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