Farmhouse Vintage Dining Room Wall Décor Ideas

Most Popular Vintage Dining Room Wall Décor Ideas

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Vintage is what makes people nostalgic! The style brings people back to the glamorous style of the 1940.

The love of vintage style has long been taken into account to interior design, especially for dining room wall décor.

Enjoy your dining time while remembering your nostalgic sweeter time by adding these following wall décor to your dining room:

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1. Paneled Wall for Your Dining Room

Highly patterned wallpaper may turn a room more vibrant. However, the wrong usage of it can make a room overwhelming.

So, instead of wallpapering the whole walls of your dining room with highly patterned paper, only decorate the wall panel instead. This will create both eye catching and quieter effect.

To make all the room decors more coordinated, choose the same tone of the wallpaper to be used to the room furniture such as window dressing, table setting, and chair covers.

To get the vintage vibe, choose highly patterned wallpaper with pink flowers and with the combination of white and soft Tosca as the background.

Paneled walls dining room decor ideas

2. Vintage Wood Plate

Giving your dining room vintage wall décor can be as easy as hanging a vintage wood plate on the wall. Choosing a wooden plate in gold and brown colors can be a beautiful decoration to your dining room.

Chose the wooden plate that has brass inlay and if possible that was made a couple years ago to get the artistic look. An example to the kind of wood used for this decorative plate is pyrography.

An example to what kind of decorative vintage wood plate is the one that is carved, handmade, and folk art polished.

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Vintage wood plate dining room wall decor

3. Basket Wall Décor

If you are bored of plate in decorating your dining room wall, you may try vintage wicket basket. This kind of basket will give you a look of two styles: vintage and boho.

An online wall décor shop sells this basket wall in a set of seven and in a set of baskets with various sizes.

All the baskets also come with different tone of brown color but all of them are made of rattan.

However, you can also choose baskets which are made of pit cane, wood, and bamboo, all of which also create vintage look to your dining room.

Basket wall dining room Farmhouse style ideas

4. Classroom Wall Map Hemispheres

Be decorative and geographical at the same time! Go to a shop selling antiques decorations to buy a vintage school map.

Choose a map showing your favorite part of the world that can be pulled down and roll up. If you don’t know which shop to go, go online!

There is a shop selling 1937 school map of North America that was printed in lithographic and on canvas fabric.

The map that you are buying may be not in a good condition, knowing that it was made long time ago. However, the natural look of it is what makes it undoubtedly vintage!

Map wall dining room decor ideas

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Decorating your dining room wall with vintage style can help you attain a comfortable result. Choosing vintage style for your dining room wall also makes you more creative and different from the choices that are too mainstream. Go try one!

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