How to Decorate a Dining Room Table Ideas

How to Decorate a Dining Room Table Ideas: Thematic Rooms

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Can you mention an area in your house where everyone, either visitors or relatives, could mingle?

The answer is neither family room nor living room. It is the dining room.

While the living room serves as the “face” of a house, dining room would be best described as the “heart” of a house.

Decorating this area to your taste is important, as it will expose the host’s signature mode. So, how to decorate a dining room table with thematic rooms? Here some ideas.


1. Futuristic Room

Everything is moving forward. You do not want to be left behind. It starts with white walls, even better if you have curves arch on the ceiling.

Put an artistic ornament with monochromatic theme, in the shape of a circle or rounded square. At the corner, put two floor lamps on each side.

For the dining table, take one made of blurred glass, giving of the gleaming gray look. Silver chairs will complete the line. When it is not the meal time, simply put the fruits in the middle of the table.

For a majestic banquet, put a silver crochet table runner. Feeling too “white on white”? Don’t worry. The appetizing food color will do the rest of the job.

Futuristic dining room table decor ideas

2. Botanical Room

Get rid of the cramped feeling when you dine indoors. Have your meal on earthy room with this botanical concept.

Paint the wall with soft blue that resemble a waterfall. If you prefer another pastel tone, go ahead. Attach vine wallpapers on it afterward.

If you have any window, install the leafy curtain. Green is the most recommended color, as it gives you fresh atmosphere.

For the table itself, you could cover it with botanical tablecloth. Pick vivid color for the details. Match the look with high back rest chairs.

The Stripped brown rug should be slipped under the table and chairs. With or without any ornament on the table, the view yells out garden vibe.

Botanical dining room table decor ideas

3. Hidden Room

Some house owners love to have a big space in the house, allowing them to perform as multipurpose room. Cut a little bit of the space at the corner for dining room without making any closed room.

Install a zebra stripes divider. One side should be attached on the wall, and another side is on the floor.

Set a white round table as the center, surrounded by some wooden Tao dining chairs. Splash the light from different angles with the abstract pendant light.

To make a bold statement, set up solid napkin color and vivid fresh flower as the centerpiece. You could also hang an artisan painting on the empty wall across the divider.

Dining room side table decor with roun table top glass

4. Finery Room

Showing off could start from luxurious decoration. Make your dining room as valuable as a shining jewelry box containing a diamond.

As the basic color, color the walls with robin’s eqq lacquer color. This color is soft and bring royal vibe to the room.

Pick a square table and dining chairs which have a similar color to the wall. Put them in the center. The table should be the first item to fill the eye sight before it explores the other area.

Hang a crystal pendant light above the table. You need to spread the light in a glamorous manner. Therefore, put on a show with the silver foil ceiling.

What makes people do not want to leave the house? The cozy room and a host who has good taste. Do not let the chance to impress your guest pass. As long as you follow certain patterns, nothing should trouble you. Let them know a piece of you from the way you decorate the dining room.

Luxury dining room table decor

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