How to Decorate A Dining Room Table with Candles

How to Decorate a Dining Room Table with Candles for Different Setting

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The bright light is great. It helps you see things clearly, especially within a room.

You might have found that dinner room lighting is a little bit different. Dimmer light is preferable compared to the clear one.

In that case, the candle would fit the purpose. It is elegant and at the same time elevate the dining atmosphere.

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1. Dine On a Pearl Path

Who could resist the temptation of dining in a verandah? It would be perfect with the company of grasshoppers’ song and the moonlight.

Recreate this atmosphere to your dining room. To imitate the verandah, paint the wall with white base and some faint rustic lines on it.

The floor should have a natural stone touch, so it will resemble a pearl path. Pick soft blue and gray as the dominant color. The round table and dining chairs are in dark gray.

The pendant lamp with three candle holders hangs from the ceiling. Light it up for soft moonlight effect. Do not forget to put several individual candles on the table.

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2. Bring Back the Glorious Day

Some houses are passed from the elder of the family to the next descendant. Its long life is manifested in the vintage bowls, plates and glasses. Do not let them fade away and show them off.

The walls are the perfect place to hang those old ornaments. Sort them by size and arrange them following a certain pattern. An oval wooden table and blue classic chairs enhance the past setting.

Put two candelabra candles on the table, one for each side. Do not forget the present time! Place the tall clock against the wall. Cage chandelier is the perfect finishing for this setting.

3. Evocative Velvet

Spice up your dining room decor with red. It is a good color for bigger appetite and also a stylish choice for interior design. Start everything from the wall. Paint it with pastel or soft color.

It will perform as the base color. The floor is prettier with a checkered pattern, but still on the line with the wall color.

Wooden oval table is a perfect center, accompanied by cerulean chairs. Drop a focal point with velvet lamp chandelier.

Complete the atmosphere with fresh red rose bouquet on the table and red candles on crystal holders. It will provide contrastive color effect, but pleasing feast for the eyes.

Dining room table candle centerpieces

4. Grand Turqoise

To make a dining room stand out, common people would concentrate to the table itself. What about playing with wider detail such as walls? Painting the walls with turqoise color could freshen up the atmosphere.

The room is clean and fancy. Set big oval table in the middle of the room with golden highlight on the edges.

Turqoise and golden are complementing each other and the symbol of modest sumptuousness. Choose the spreading chandelier to swing on the ceiling. The one with candle bulb will be sweeter.

The shadow from the  bulb will create a unique pattern on the wall. Gleaming dim light from the candles on the table snaps the starts of the banquet.

Is there anything better than candles for dinner banquet? While this item is usually placed on the center of the table, you could be creative by matching the color to the wall or the chandelier. By doing so, you can always slide the candle in without killing the entire mood.

Dining room table centerpieces with candles

Another Ideas!

To decorate a dining room table with candles for a formal dinner setting, use tall candles in clear or frosted glass holders. Place them at each end of the table, with one in the center. For a more casual setting, use shorter candles in colorful holders and place them around the table.

If you are having a buffet dinner, put candles in holders on the buffet table. For a romantic dinner, use scented candles and place them around the room, not just on the table. Choose a scent that will be relaxing and not too overpowering.

If you are having a party or large gathering, use unscented candles so as not to bother any guests who might have allergies. When using candles as part of your dining room table decoration, always use caution and never leave them unattended. Keep them away from children and pets, and make sure they are extinguished before you leave the room.

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