How to Decorate a Marble Top Dining Table for modern style room

How to Decorate a Marble Top Dining Table

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Your dining table cannot ‘just’ be a dining table. It should be in a special décor and design so that the room you enjoy your dinner in can embody your personality and style preference.

Below we have summarized some great décor ideas to turn your marble top dining table to be more marvelous:

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1. Boilers Loft

Your marvelous marble top dining table deserves another marvelous addition to make it more stand out.

Try these following dining room elements to decorate your dining table: purchase some old chairs and get different cushions for the chairs.

If your marble top dining table is in white, buy medium tone chairs for the seating with some cushions in half dark green and in greyish white.

Meanwhile, for the floor itself, choose the urban dark wood or the brown one.

For the room walls, build one wall in exposed red bricks, another one in wooden finishing, and the other one in blue accent.

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2. Black among the White

Make your dining table steal the show! Marble top dining table is not necessarily to be in white. Try the black marble top dining table. Add more black touch by accompanying the table with some black chairs that also come with black cushions.

To insert a new color to the dining table, plant some grass in some vases and use them as the centerpiece of the table. The green look from the glass will add an interest to the dining space.

Also, install a black chandelier hang above the dining table, but let the lights shine in gold. Last but not least, let the dining room wall be in white to keep the dining room bright.

Vintage marble top dining table decor ideas

3. Let the Marble Top Dining Mingle with Vintage Style

Marble offering chic look can be combined with vintage style. Try using a vintage wood table that is topped with marble. In other words, the top of the table will be in a white marble and the legs of the table are in the brown hue of wood.

This kind of dining table will give a fresh and new look to your dining space. To complement the look of the dining table, choose dark wood for the flooring and recessed panel for dining room cabinets.

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4. Dare Enough to Mix and Match Styles and Colors

Be experimental enough to figure out the best design you can use for your dining room. If you happen to have a standard farmhouse table, paint it in a dramatic navy color and top it with marble top in white.

Buy some Eames DSR chairs to complement the dining space. This set of dining table and chairs will surely spark your personality. To complement the table and the chairs, paint your dining room walls in white.

It turns out that marble top dining table can mingle with many styles. While marble itself offers a chic style, combining it with another style like vintage or farmhouse, will absolutely create additional interest to your dining space. Go try some experiments with your marble top dining table!

Marble Top Dining Table Room Decor Ideas with Flower pot nice beautiful teapots

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