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How to Decorate a Dining Table Country Style

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Whether you are holding a gathering or a dinner party, the dining room is a place where people gather together.

Dining room is a special spot that need to embody your signature style.

Among all design choices in country style, here we select some great ideas on how to decorate your dining table in country style.

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1. Farm Table for Your Country Chic Dining Room

Transform your dining room, especially the area around your dining table, to be with country style and vibe. To do it, you will need a dining table with a classic farm style.

Also, complement the dining table with some brown nail head trimmed chairs. To decorate your dining table more, add a centerpiece carrying bright yellow color to make the dining room more country chic.

Last but not least, paint the dining room ceiling with white wood to make the dining space homier.

2. Wood Table for Your Country Dining Room

Turning your dining room to be more country is somehow not difficult. What you need is a dining table that is wooden and simple. With that kind of dining table, you are already able to bring in farmhouse ambience to your dining area.

Above your dining table, install a gray pendant to provide the room striking and unusual light.

Besides, provides your dining room with entertainment by putting some handy arrangement. If you are lucky enough to have a pool and or a backyard next to the dining room, divide those spaces with glass doors.

How to Decorate a Dining Table Country Style

3. Wood Dining Set for an Open-Design Country Dining Room

If your dining room carries the design of open area, you can try the following design: purchase a beautiful dining table made of wood and complemented by wooden chairs.

The whole wooden table and seating will create warmth to your dining space, especially if your dining room uses concrete flooring and open design.

To avoid a monotonous look from the wooden table and chairs, grab some tulips in vibrant red and place the flowers into a shining vase and then use it as the centerpiece of the dining table.

Equally important, one more thing to do with is inserting an additional color of soft blue by painting your wall. The painting will bring country feel to your dining room.

Dining table decor country style sunshine

4. Rich Wood Accents for an Open Plan Dining Area and Kitchen

If you happen to have an open plan for your dining area and kitchen, you can try this décor: use a dining table made of rich mood, use doors framed in French wood, and use wood mantel.

To separate the area of kitchen from the dining, employ an area rug that is neutral. The elements in this design will help you make most of your spaces with open concept.

As you can see above, decorating a dining table is not merely about what is on the top of the table. It is also about what is around the table: chairs, lights, rugs, and others.

No matter what is your preference in a country style dining table, make sure you balance all the elements around the table.

Rustic contry style dining table decor for small space with nice wall clock

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