DIY Tablecloth Decorations Dining Rooms Ideas

DIY Tablecloth Decorations Dining Rooms Ideas

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Holiday is coming! You might want to give a makeover to your dining room. How about making DIY tablecloth decoration for your dining room?

Let’s check some awesome ideas for making DIY tablecloth decorations for the dining room.

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DIY Tablecloth Decorations Dining Rooms Ideas

1. DIY Reversible Placemats Cotton

If making the tablecloth too much for you, you can start by making DIY reversible placemats from the cotton fabric.

The placemats will add charm to your dining room. This is a super easy and fast DIY project, even for the beginner.

All you need to do is preparing two fabrics in the same size. Make sure that you use two different patterned fabrics for making the DIY reversible placemats. Place the fabric together by sticking the front side.

You can start to sew the fabric from the edge. Make sure that you give space from the edge of the fabric to the sewing part. Now, you can reverse the fabric and sew the other side to make it complete.

DIY cotton placemats ideas for dining table decorations

2. DIY Painted Tablecloth

You can create a new look for your old tablecloth. Add some DIY painting as a decoration to the old tablecloth. You can paint simple shapes, like the flower on the side of the tablecloth.

Use the acrylic paint to give decoration to the old fabric, it will give beauty and you don’t have to buy the new ones.

DIY painted tablecloth dining rooms

3. Lace Tablecloth

The addition of lace on the tablecloth can make the dining room looking awesome and beautiful. If you want to add some feminine looks to your dining room, come up with a lace tablecloth idea.

There are many kinds of lace that you can choose as the decoration for your tablecloth. For making it look natural, you can start with white or creamy white lace to give an accent to your tablecloth.

You can sew the lace on the fringe of the fabric. Lace will go well for round or square tablecloths. If you want something cuter than the lace, you can replace it with the tassel. The lace and tassel can be bought in meters through the offline or online craft shops.

Vintage shabby chic lace tablecloth dining room

4. Bordered Linen Tablecloth

Linen is often chosen by some crafter to make a tablecloth. Linen is stronger than cotton. It can absorb the water well. This fabric can be washed using hands or machine. Due to its strength, a lot of people choose linen for various sewing projects, such as clothing and home decoration projects.

You will need two different colors of linen fabrics to make your own bordered linen tablecloth. The main idea of this DIY tablecloth project is by creating the bordered line at the edge of the tablecloth using the different color of linen fabric.

You can decide the size of the bordered line for your tablecloth. You can start with the size of 3 inches for the average size of the bordered line. You can go with the larger size if you want the wider line.

DIY bordered linen tablecloth decor ideas

5. Ombre Tablecloth

Have you ever heard with the term Ombre? Ombre is quite popular nowadays. Ombre can be described as the gradual shading color from a color to another darker color. Usually, people get light color to dark color to get the Ombre look for hairstyle or lip colors.

The technique of Ombre also can be applied to the fabric to create Ombre tablecloth. You can choose two up to three colors for your Ombre tablecloth. Try from the white color, light color and goes to the darker color. For example, you will go with pink color, you can start from white to light pink and then darker pink, such as fuchsia. It will give a cool look for your dining table.

You can create the Ombre look on your tablecloth using spray paint with various shades and colors. It is easy and will look superb to decorate your dining room. Where to get spray paint? You can get it in paint shops in your local neighborhoods.

DIY pink ombre tablecloth dining table decoration ideas

6. Printed Tablecloth

The printed graphics tablecloth might be your next idea to create a decorative item for your dining room. The adorable look of the tablecloth can be the focal point for the room. If you have a minimalist theme for your dining room, you can choose the printed graphics tablecloth for making the minimalist style perfect!

You can purchase white linen fabric and pour out your idea on the top of the fabric. Try to make simple shapes that will look great and in balance with the minimalist style. The circle patterns will look great on the fabric. If you have the budget to print your fabric, you can try to print it in the fabric print stores in your area.

If you want to do it yourself, you can create your printed tablecloth using simple materials, such as fabric, fabric paint, and glass. You can use the bottom part of the glass to create a circle pattern on the fabric. You can do this project with your kids. The kids will love to do this fun activity!

DIY printed tablecloth floral for dining table decor ideas

7. Tie Dye Tablecloth

If you want to create something unique and colorful, you can try to make tie-dye tablecloth using cotton and food coloring. Basically, you can use fabric coloring but it is safer to use the food coloring if the children joining in the making process. The basic principles of the tie-dye method are by creating the pattern on the fabric by tying the fabric with the rubber to get the different color from the dye process.

The tie-dye method produces a unique pattern which makes the fabric has a beautiful look and color. People use tie-dye method to create unique fabric for clothing and apparels. However, you can also try this method to get a decorative tablecloth for your dining room.

Tie dye tablecloth table linen dining room decor ideas

There are many attractive ideas of DIY tablecloth that can be a perfect decoration for your dining room. You can try DIY reversible placemats cotton, DIY painted Tablecloth, lace tablecloth, bordered linen tablecloth, Ombre tablecloth, printed tablecloth, and tie-dye tablecloth. All these ideas are easy to do and simple. So, which one is your choice?

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