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How to Clean Hardwood Floor Stains

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If there are stains or dirt on the hardwood floor, then how to clean hardwood floor stains without causing damage?

Hardwood floor is a type of easy to maintain floor, so here are some easy steps on how to get rid of stains from hardwood floor.

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Getting Ready to Clean Up

First things first, there are some general knowledge about cleaning hardwood floor as it has many different types of floor.

Therefore, it is better to know the kind of hardwood floor finish. Here are some explanations that are needed to know.

Prefinished floor; it is a type of hardwood floor that is easiest to spot as every board on the floor has slightly raised edges. Besides, if the surface of the floor isn’t glossy or shiny then it is categorized as an unfinished or stained floor. This kind of floor is the most difficult to recognize. So, it is better to carefully and gently handle this hardwood floor.

There are several tools and substances that should be prepared as well. The equipment and the ingredients needed to clean up stains from hardwood floor are described as follows.mineral spirits cleaning wood

The substances:

  1. Mineral Spirits;
  2. White Vinegar;
  3. Household Bleach;
  4. Oxalic Acid;
  5. Water; and
  6. Stain, which is needed to match the undamaged floor and to re-stain the floorwhite vinegar floor cleaner

The tools:

  1. Clean Rag;
  2. Steel Wool;
  3. Small Bucket or Bowl; and
  4. Finish, which is also needed to match the undamaged floor and to re-finish the floor

Now that all the tools and substances are prepared, it is time to get rid of stains on hardwood floor.

Removing Stains from Hardwood Floor

There are few steps to follow in order to remove stains from hardwood floor. It is recommended to follow the steps in order to get maximum results. They are described as follows.

Before starting to clean up the floor, make sure to read all label directions on the cleaning ingredients and also make sure that the room has working ventilation. The air circulation needs to keep working. It is also recommended to use fans to maintain air flow. Wear gloves and eye protection to avoid unwanted injury because the ingredients are considered as harsh cleaners. Make sure to test the ingredients on hidden area as well to see the reaction on the floor.

First, use mineral spirits and steel wool to rub the stained area. Do this carefully and thoroughly on the area, so that the stain is covered with mineral spirits and it doesn’t have any scratches from the steel wool.

After that, prepare a clean rag and wet it with white vinegar. Lay the rag over the stained area and allow it to sit for few minutes. This step is important to do because white vinegar is supposed to be able to lift up even tough stain on hardwood floor.

It is also recommended to repeat this step as necessary to make sure that the stain is lightened. If the stain is lightened, wipe off the white vinegar until it is clean. Make sure not to leave behind any residue.

Then, make a solution made of half water and half household bleach. Mix them thoroughly and apply it to the stained area. It is better to only apply the solution on the affected area because it will probably damage other floor area that has no stain. So, do it carefully.

If the stain still sticks on the floor, then it is necessary to add oxalic acid to it. Make sure not to spread this solution on other surrounding space except the stained area because it will seep into the wood. Repeat this step as necessary.

If the stain is gone, then neutralize the area with acid. Wait until the spot gets dry. Then, if there is any residue on the floor, it is better to remove it with clean mop or rag. Re-finish and re-stain to match the rest of the floor using a stain and finish.

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Additional Cleaning Advice

After knowing the steps to remove stains on hardwood floor, these additional cleaning advice are better to know as well. Here are some cleaning advice for hardwood floor.

  • Please be careful on using the steel wool as it is described above because if there will be no way to repair the wood if it gouges or makes scratches on the wood.
  • Make sure to not ever use any cleaners that need water for rinsing or water-based cleaners because water will ruin and cause damage to the wood floor.
  • Also, it is recommended to always work with cautions when using bleach as it is considered as a hazardous chemical. Always use protective gears, such as gloves and eye protection to avoid any unwanted accident.

Cleaning hardwood floor indeed needs a bit of hard work, but the results are well worth to the effort. Therefore, the steps on how to clean hardwood floor stains are best solution to get rid of stains on hardwood floor.

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