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How to Clean Floor Tile Grout with OxiClean

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Tile is very beautiful and durable. Learning how to clean floor tile grout with OxiClean can be very beneficial to maintain it. Indeed, tile is easy to clean but cleaning grout is one thing.

So, what is the best way to clean it? Here are several things you need to know:

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Step 1: Preparing All

  1. Before cleaning floor tile grout, here are things that need to be prepared:
  2. A bucket or something similar for stirring OxiClean with water
  3. A mop (not a steam mop)
  4. A scrub brush,
  5. An old toothbrush,
  6. Cup rubbing alcohol
  7. Gloves
  8. Hot water
  9. Broom
  10. Old towels
  11. OxiClean
  12. A mask to cover mouth and nose

oxiclean tile grout cleaning

Step 2: Mixing OxiClean

Before mixing, please wear glove and mask. It is beneficial to prevent any accident. OxiClean is chemical solution that can be dangerous when it makes contact with our body. OxiClean is also best mixed with hot water. So, prepare hot water and pour it to the bucket. Pour four scoops of OxiClean into it. Stir it continuously until it is all dissolved.

Step 3: Cleaning the Tile

Here are the steps for cleaning tile:

  1. Before pouring any Oxiclean, please clean all of floor surface! Make sure it is all clear and there is no debris left. You can sweep and mop the tiles, and wait for it to get dry before starting.
  2. Slowly pour out OxiClean mixtures on tile. Do not pour it on too large areas. It is better to focus on 1.5 up to 2 square meters.
  3. Spread OxiClean mixture around. Mop or brush can be used to spread the solution. It should be spread evenly and not too thin.
  4. Leave it for 30 minutes. The OxiClean mixture will start foaming and bubbling up. Focus on its grout whether it has been covered or not.
  5. After 30 minutes, scrub the area with scrub brush or an old toothbrush for a special area which is harder to clean. Toothbrush is very useful to clean tile grout which is quite dingy and deep. In addition to it, a hard bristle brush can be used for cleaning grout.Floor Tile Grout Cleaning with OxiClean
  6. Whip all dirty water residues with old towels.
  7. Mop up area for 3 or 4 times with clean water. It is effective for getting all OxiClean mixture off the floor.
  8. Dry up all tiles with an old towel.
  9. Move to another 5 up to 2 square meters area.
  10. Repeat it until all floor is clean.
  11. Just to make sure, we should mop tile with hot water and dry it up with towel once again.
  12. To make all tiles look clear, sealing the grout can be great solution.

As additional tips, it is better not to cover all areas at once since it will make OxiClean mixture dries up. It will leave many stains which is hard to clean. Tile floor is easy to be cleaned and it has long durability. However, cleaning its grout is not easy. Follow the tips on how to clean floor tile grout with OxiClean above and use OxiClean appropriately. It works every time.

Clean floor tile grout easy way

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