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Top 5 Tricks on How to Remove Crayon from Walls

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At first, it is adorable to see your children developing their talent as artists at home.

The bad news is you need to clean what’s left on the wall. Will you take it easy and ask your browser to find out how?

The tips might work, but not all could give you the cleanest result. Find out the ones that perform the best job.

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1. Blow Dryer and Dish Soap Solution

First, you need to make a dish soap solution. Squeeze the bottle for a few drops of the dish and mix them with two cups of water.

Soak the cleaning cloth in it. Now here comes the scientific part. Crayon is made from wax. Thus, the best way to ease your cleaning is by heating it.

The max will melt and automatically drip from the wall. The next thing to do is wipe clean the melted crayon by using wet clothes you have prepared before.

2. Commercial Adhesive Removal

If you to the store and ask for this product, the staff might offer several options: the original, the gel spray, and the wipes. For crayon marks, the original works best. Get your paper towel and pour a few drops of the product.

Use the wet paper towel to wipe the marks. Repeat the process until the wall is clean. Usually after cleaning, you will get oily surface. Eliminate the grease with a wet clothes, dipped in dish soap solution.

Commercial Adhesive Removal

3. Ammonia-based Glass Cleaner

When you have this product in your stock, make use of it. Not only glass, your wall could also get its bright color back. Spray the cleaner to the walls and let it sit for several minutes. Scrub the wall with dry cloth.

Do it gently, otherwise the wall color will fade. Repeat the process if your first try is not clean enough. You can also do immediate cleaning after spreading the glass cleaner. However, it will require more time.

4. Bicycle Lubricant

There is one famous brand of bicycle lubricant which surprisingly does double function as a cleaner. Usually it is equipped with tiny long straw to reach difficult part in the chain.

While cleaning the wall, this tool helps to control the liquid amount. Grab the handle and apply the liquid on the crayon mark. Wipe it with paper towel. You can also put the liquid on the paper first.

The bad news is this product stinks and leave greasier surface than the adhesive removal. If you are not bothered with the smell, then there should be no problem to clean the grease with dish soap liquid.

5. Baking Soda and Water Paste

To make the mixture, keep in mind that the proportion should be 1:1. It means one spoon of baking soda should be mixed with one spoon of water. Take the sponge and dab it to the paste. Rub the crayon marks. Baking soda residue on the wall could be cleaned with soapy water.

Almost all parents have this one problem with toddlers: doodle! It happens in minutes. Although the activity makes them happy, you have to do the hardest part: cleaning the wall. Now you don’t need to worry about this matter. At least you know what to grab. Happy scrubbing!

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