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Easy Steps: Kitchen Cabinet Hinges Repair

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Especially when purchasing old cabinets on sale market, you need to be aware that the hinges might be broken in months.

This case also happens in an old house with antique furniture.

Since it is impossible to prevent the loose hinges, the best option is to learn how to repair it.

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1. For Squeaking Hinges

A great shape cabinet should not make any sound when you open and close them. Unfortunately, the humidity could make rust, thus creating the disturbing sound each time you move the door.

To solve this problem, you need to clean the hinges and apply some oil. Unless you have time to do regular cleaning every week, be thorough while cleaning. If needed, detach the screws.

2. For Unbalanced Cabinet Doors

The culprit of this case is shallow screws. As a result, the hinges are not strong enough to hold the door steady on its place.

You can easily see protruding screws when opening the cabinet. Support the tilted door to its original position with your left hand. Then adjust the screws with your right hand.

The most common hinges for cabinet is the Euro type. To adjust, find the depth and side screw. They are nailed on the horizontal bar, attached to the inner board of the cabinet.

First, you need to lose both screws. Then perfect the position of the door. Hold the door steady while tightening the screws.

If both cabinet doors have unbalanced position, finish one door first before moving to the other door. While adjusting the screws, use a manual screwdriver instead of cordless drill. The cordless one might do further damage not only to the screws, but also to the cabinet.

3. For Loose Screw Holes

When you know that the hinges have problem, the immediate action is to observe the installation. Then you might find that the screw holes are bigger than the screws. No wonder, the hinges cannot work properly to hold the door. To repair this damage, grab screwdriver, hammer, toothpick, and wood glue.

Start the reparation project by removing the screws on the hinges. Clean both screws and the hinges, since you will re-install them again. Find small cup to put the wood glue.

Don’t be too generous, the holes are small, pour just the right amount. Scoop the glue with toothpick and push it to the holes. Make it tidy: no glue outside the holes area. If you spill the glue, trim the excess by using knife.

You don’t need to wait until the glue totally dried. Half-dried is enough; it will help the screws to get fixed position. Adjust the door to its straight position and put the hinges back.

Remember to tighten the hinges’ grip with screws. Do the same process for another door. Once you are finished, close the door and allow the glue to dry for an hour before use.

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Weather and humidity are the main reasons for loose hinges. None of these factors could be restricted or prevented. Once you notice that the cabinets are broken, it is suggested to immediately fix them. Ignoring the unmatched doors for too long might result in worse damage. Therefore, mastering the repairing steps is important.

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