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What is a 10×10 Kitchen Cabinets? And How Get Cost Under $1000?

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Kitchen cabinets are known to be able to be replaced. Many people tend to spend a lot of money just to replace their kitchen cabinets.

Including professional helps, a project of replacing kitchen cabinet may cost about $3000.

To get cheaper price, you might want to know about these following points first:

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What is a 10×10 Kitchen Cabinets?

The name of 10×10 kitchen cabinets actually refers to the name of 10×10 L kitchens. These kitchens are also called as basic kitchens that are usually being used as sample kitchen by kitchen industries.

Then, there are 8 up to 12 cabinets that are shown as samples. These cabinets are usually also called as RTA (Ready to Assemble) cabinets.

The basic pricing of these cabinets is called 10×10 pricing which shows that the price range would be at the most inexpensive. If you are about to buy these cabinets, then you should know that it comes in a set.

The usual set consists of wall cabinets, blind base cabinets, sink base cabinet, base cabinets, and corner base cabinet.

The cabinets are made by using maple, oak, shaker, cherry, and birch wood. The usual pricing range of 10×10 cabinets would be about $1,000 and the price can still increase until it reaches $2,400.

The pricing is called basic pricing, yet the fact that $1,000 is still a huge amount of money will make you think twice to purchase these cabinets.

10x10 kitchen cabinet layout

How to Get Cost Under $1000?

Like what has mentioned before, $1,000 is still a lot of money. Therefore, you can have those cabinets if you are not too picky.

There is a set of 10×10 kitchen cabinets that you can buy for $999 in the Amazon. These cabinets are made of solid wood and they are pretty durable.

If you are about to press the price, you might also need to reduce the amount of cabinets that you are about to install for your 10×10 kitchen. If you do this; then instead of buying the whole set, you can buy them separately.

The cheapest cabinet that you can buy is about $120. If you want to press the budget even more, you might want to buy unused cabinets that have been used before.

Buying these cabinets would definitely be cheaper. If you want to refinish it, simply buy the cabinet doors for $13 each and repaint it. This will cost you way under $1,000. But if you still want the cabinets to be brand new, you should try looking for oak cabinets.

Oak is a wood that is used to make cabinets and it is known to have cheaper price than the other wood. There is one set of oak cabinets from a website called kitchencab.com and it costs for about $999.

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The basic pricing of $1000 10×10 kitchen cabinets is called as the cheapest price. Yet, there are some clever tricks to press the budget like buying unused cabinets from people who don’t need it anymore then refinish it with new door panel and paint. If you can get the cheapest, why should you buy the expensive ones?

10x10 white kitchen cabinets

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