Crown molding kitchen cabinet trim ideas

Which Kitchen Cabinet Trim Ideas Do You Choose?

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A kitchen cabinet will look perfectly complete when you really go to small details. One of the details is its trim.

Some people are too busy in considering what color or style that they are going to apply to their cabinet. They forget another important part which is trim.

Here are some ideas about kitchen cabinet trim.

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1. Crown Molding

Crown molding is the most common type of trim that people usually use. Not only in the kitchen, people also like to use crown molding in other parts of their house.

This molding is usually applied to cover the gap up to ceiling at the top of the cabinets. Crown molding will also bring a rustic furniture look to your kitchen. You can also add a piece of crown molding to each side for covering the entire perimeter

2. Dentil Molding

As you can see from its name, this kind of molding will look like teeth. It comes with a lot of square block repeated in many times and it is also applied as decorative trim. This dentil molding will make your exterior of cabinets looks different and unique.

Plastic and wood are the best material if you plan to make dentil molding by yourself. For cabinet installation, wood tends to be the most used material. Use wood glue and nails to attach the dentil molding around the perimeter or onto the doors.

Adding molding to kitchen cabinet trim ideas

3. Rope Molding

If you want to bring the nautical look in your kitchen cabinets, there is no other choice than rope molding. You can use real pieces of rope as the cabinets trim or you can also fine rope molding which is made of wood. This rope molding will look great when you add this to your kitchen cabinet doors.

However, you can also use this molding around the perimeter of the kitchen cabinet. One thing you should know about this molding is that the rope molding is made of dowel cut in half.

4. Flexible Molding

Just its name, flexible molding is a molding that you can apply to any kind of cabinet. This molding will look better if you apply it on straight or rounded lines, especially on the doors of the cabinet. If you want a finished look, there are many sizes available which will fit with any type of cabinet.

5. Side and Door Trim

Side and door trim are actually simple pieces of wood which are applied to a side of an existed cabinets. Combined with finish nails, try to attach this trim on the side of the cabinets. Paint or stain the trim if you want it to look match with your cabinets.

Trim is basically a small part of the kitchen cabinet that most of people forget. In fact, a proper and good execution of trim will give significant difference on the look of your kitchen cabinets. Hence, try to maximize and elaborate this small part to make your kitchen cabinet looks gorgeous.

Kitchen cabinet molding and trim ideas

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