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Important Factors of Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing Cost

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Believe it or not, refinishing your old kitchen cabinets will less expensive compared with refinishing other parts of your house.

In refinishing your old cabinets, you will be dealing with some activities like sanding the surface, removing the old paint or stain, and making minor repairs then finally adding the new stain or paint.

Here are some factors you should consider before refinishing your old kitchen cabinets.

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1. Cost

The first and the main factor is surely the cost. Refinishing your old kitchen cabinets will cost approximately $2,400. Most of homeowners usually spend between $1,800 and $2,800. Those numbers and costs come for some factors, and here are the factors.

2. Number of Cabinets

The biggest part that might decide the final cost is the number of cabinets you want to refinish. Of course, more cabinets will make the cost higher and higher.

There will be higher cost when you have more cabinets to refinish. The cost does not only depend on the number, but also the size. Bigger cabinets will surely need more cost.

3. Choice of Refinish

The way you choose how you refinish your old cabinets will affect the final cost. Some people like to refinish wood cabinets while they are still in good shape.

Some people like to refinish the cabinets in a whole new shade. Other people just want to refresh the kitchen cabinets with the exact same color.

As we know, changing shades or colors will also cost more. One thing you should note is you will need higher grade of stain when your cabinets get a lot of sunlight.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing before and after

4. Cabinet Design

Some homeowners like smooth-touched cabinet, while others like attractive trim, carving and detailing for an upscale look.

Actually, it will be tougher and take much time when you refinish custom or non-smooth cabinets. More complicated design will automatically raise the price.

5. Hire a Pro or DIY

Some homeowners like to refinish their own bathroom or kitchen cabinets. It will need process, but it is not that complicated.

If you brave and dare enough to try something new and have basic DIY skills, do not take much time. Just start to refinish your old kitchen cabinets.

You might save up to $2,000 for doing all jobs by yourself, but still it all depends on the complicity of your refinishing.

Otherwise, you can go find and hire professional workers to refinish your old kitchen cabinets if you want to make sure that everything will be under control. You do not have to worry about time issue or the quality job once you hire the right workers.

As it is stated at the beginning, refinishing all parts of your house will surely need cost, including refinishing cabinets. Especially when you decide to hire professional workers, you will need to spend money not only for the refinishing but also for their services.

However, a DIY refinishing will not also guarantee you to spend less money. It all depends on the complicity of the project.

DIY kitchen cabinets refinishing

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