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Small Guide on Your Kitchen Island Legs

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Kitchen island legs can be simple but it actually carries significant benefits to your kitchen island.

Usually called as kitchen island posts as well, you need to select the material carefully and consider many factors while choosing.

If you are interested in buying a kitchen island with extra legs, read the guide below to make the right choice.

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What are These Legs for?

Just like the other parts of the kitchen island, these legs also bring additional benefits that we can thankful for. The ideal kitchen island legs will carry the following advantages.

1. Additional Support for the Countertop

Kitchen island countertop always carries serious and heavy duty every day. The other part of the kitchen island is an active cooking space while the other part is often used as a breakfast table, homework table, and bar as well.

People often put pressure on it and we often put so many foods on it while serving guests. Addition support for the counter top will be decent to have. It makes sure the kitchen island is sturdy enough for the duty.

2. Making Space for Bar and Breakfast Table

On most kitchen island designs, these legs look like supporting the extended counter tops or table on the kitchen island.

It somehow gives a little space between the stools and the back of the nearest cabinet. It gives space for our feet while we are sitting on the stools.

When the seats are not uses, these legs make space for us to push the stool and save some space for traffic in the kitchen.

3. Elaborated Detail

After both significant roles, these legs play important role in extending the kitchen island design. Instead of leaving the kitchen island to a mainstream look, these legs make the kitchen island look far more productive, more elegant, and more finely finished. In many designs, these legs alter the atmosphere as well.

Kitchen island legs metal

How to Choose the Right Set?

If you need a guide in choosing the right set of legs, these tips should help a lot.

1. What Material Do You Want?

There are three basic materials that are often selected for kitchen legs materials. Your options include granite which is the sturdiest and most expensive option, painted wood that offers a flexible match, and classic wooden legs. Choose a material that matches your kitchen style and your cleaning and maintenance preference.

2. Have You Measure the Countertop?

Exact measurement on your countertop height is crucial in this part. You need the right height so you can create a smooth transition between the areas so the entire parts of the kitchen island can serve well. This should matter on your stool height as well.

3. Have You Decide on a Design?

Most kitchen legs are simple, depending only on the plain look of the stainless steel material or the carved wood. If you want a more elaborated design, work on the round and square designs, carvings, and stone material.

So, kitchen legs are an important part and we shouldn’t underestimate the way we should select it. Consider your need and kitchen style and use the tips above to get the right option.

Unique white Kitchen Island Legs and chairs

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