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How to Get the Right Unfinished Cabinets Kitchen

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If you plan to replace your old cabinets, buying unfinished cabinets is probably the best idea for it. You get to finish it later to provide consistent look with the other kitchen parts.

In addition to it, it is cheaper so you can get more replacement with the same budget. If you want to start hunting, the following steps should be helpful.


1. Get the Right Measurement

This is the most important thing to get first. Decide on the entire space you want to fill in with the cabinets and then get the exact measurement.

It is important to be exact on this so you can calculate the entire cabinets later. It allows you to have advanced setting, even complicated one, in precision.

It isn’t very complicated. In fact, it is pretty easy to be done even by amateur. Deliver the measurement to your handyman or supplier, and they will help you to design the entire setting for your kitchen cabinets.

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2. Handyman or Factory Product

Unfinished cabinets are available in your handyman workshops or on the store where factories distribute their products. Depending on your need and preference, both can be great alternatives too.

Choose the handyman when you want customized cabinets with a more elaborated setting. It takes a pro to do this, and your handyman is the right person to run the project.

If your plan is pretty simple, you don’t need to hire a handyman. You can bring the measurement to the nearby store and get the factory made cabinets.

They are pretty standards but they are available on many designs as well. The shop assistant will help you to get the right cabinets.

3. Consider Your Design and Style

Being unfinished, you have the options to alter the design in some ways. You can adjust the design based on your needs and preferences. Being unfinished, any alteration is still possible. You get the chance to change its’ look and preferences as well.

However, it is essential to decide on the entire things you want first. How much stuff you want to store, and how is about the access to those stuffs. You can decide the finish and styling as well later, but you need to have the concept first and revise it here and there.

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4. Check on Quality

Luckily, you are buying unfinished cabinets for your kitchen. Being unfinished, you can actually see on the details. You can see if it is well finished. You should also check every screw and hinge and all the details including the small ones.

Unfinished cabinets give you the chance for the ultimate look even if you leave it unfinished. Follow the steps above and get several pairs of the good one. Good luck!

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