What is the Best Upholstery for Unfinished Vanity Stool

Best Upholstery for Unfinished Vanity Stool

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Buying unfinished vanity stool is probably the trend wisest idea to do today.

Rustic look is high on demand right now, and it is with good reasons too. The original look seems simple but elegant at the same time.

If you want your vanity stool to look even more gorgeous, the following upholstery should be considered to wear.

Best Upholstery for Unfinished Vanity Stool

1. Worn Looking Leather

The cowboy bar should give you enough inspiration for the stool. It has rugged look which will make a perfect match for your unfinished stool.

Considering the interior theme, you can add matching leather color to the stool. This will add more value and decorative accent to the stool.

Instead of wearing brand new looking leather, prefer on the worn looking one. It fits perfectly on you unfinished nuance. It doesn’t have to be really worn out leather though. You need quality for longer use. Several elegant colors like maroon, brown, and even deep green is often added besides white.

2. Canvas Upholstery

Canvas is known for its durability that it comes to many things from camping materials to boats stuffs. It is easy to clean and it doesn’t have the shiny finish, which is a perfect match for your unfinished vanity stool. It should serve you well and longer as well. It is a great idea to use it.

White always works when it comes to rustic theme. However, you should also consider other colors like all pastels. Depending on your stool wood color, several pastels will work well. Use deeper colors for bolder shade of the wood to keep it in balance.

3. Bare Upholstery

Leaving the stool on its original look is also wise. Unfinished look is already very good looking. It looks homey and warm at the same time, while it is considered very stylish today.

However, you may need to give it a final layer of finishing. Transparent coating should be sufficient to keep showing the original look but to provide safety as well while you are sitting on it.

It may have a little drawback though. Comparing to one with upholstery, this one is a little uncomfortable. You can opt for softer wood instead if you intend to sit on it longer.

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And finally the fourth, this is also important what you should consider…

4. Matching Finish

You can also finish the top part with matching color as your vanity finish. If you want to, you can finish the entire stool with the same color even though it wipes away the rustic look on it. In alternative, you can also consider dying the vanity instead to match the stool.

If you paint white on the top part of the stool, dye your vanity with the same coating. It creates consistent and matching look which make both items like an original set. Matching the finish is actually a great idea especially to improve the surrounding mood.

So, there are more than enough upholstery options for the unfinished vanity stool. You don’t have to finish it in other colors if you want to and be playful with upholstery instead. Which one do you like best?

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