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How to Work with Unfinished Vanity Base

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The idea of purchasing unfinished vanity base is brilliant as it brings many benefits to customers.

Vanity needs to be functional and decorative, and each person often has distinctive taste and need towards it.

If you consider buying one, here is a little guide to help you in getting the ultimate benefit from the item.

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How to Work with Unfinished Vanity Base

1. What is Your Purpose

Vanity is actually possible to use for more than one purpose. You can use it as bathroom vanity with sink, and you can actually use it for your dressing drawers.

Before heading to the store and choose one, decide on your purpose for the item. You actually need different kind of vanity when you want it as bathroom vanity rather than your dressing room drawers.

Vanity with sink needs to provide space for the counter top, sink, and plumbing setting as well. Meanwhile, you are freer when it is meant for drawers. It only needs to get appropriate top.

How to Work with Unfinished Vanity Base

2. How Do You Want It

This is about the entire measurement and design. You will need to check on the space prepared for the item and match the measurement to it. It makes sure the furniture fits well. If it doesn’t fit a little, there is still room for a little modification with the unfinished one.

The perks of buying unfinished one is you kind of shop customized vanity. You are allowed to have a little renovation on the design or measurement without a hustle. It is more possible to get the matching one to your needs and requirements.

Bathroom unfinished vanity sink base with drawer

3. Do You Need a Little More Alteration

As mentioned before, unfinished gives you a room for more renovation. For example, if you need more layers on the inside or if you want to add more elaborated design on the doors. Especially for the design, it allows you to do more. You can add any counter top you want to have and adjust it so you can have the sink you always want.

It is important to consider the function before the alteration. Anything that stops it from being fully functional should be altered for good so you can use the vanity optimally.

Mission hardwood unfinished bathroom vanity base

4. How Do You Want It to Look Like

Unfinished vanity means it hasn’t reached the final finish yet. You may still need to apply coating on it and other things too. The perks of this is you get to modify the look. Of course, you can always leave it that way to reach the on trend rustic look on the vanity, applying only transparent coating on it.

In alternative, you are free to choose the paint color you want to choose or any other material to add on the countertop like marble. It allows you to have personalized looking vanity in the end.

However, it is important to note that those perks are only available when you buy quality vanity cabinet. It makes sure the quality is enough for all possible modifications. Have fun choosing and altering!

Unfinished drawers and sink base vanity bathroom cabinet 60

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