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Why We Should Buy Vanity Unfinished?

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Despite the fact that finished vanity is available on so many options depending on material to finish, unfinished vanity is actually very preferable when it comes to interior designing.

This furniture item becomes even more popular for several good reasons.

For once, the following benefits are available when you buy the unfinished one.

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1. Freedom to Modify the Design

Vanity unfinished is popular for giving the feel of buying customized vanity, which it is actually. Being unfinished, you can actually modify the design especially the inside part of the vanity.

Instead of going the given design, you can modify the shelves and drawers a little to match your personal need on this.

Several suppliers even often pre assembled ones that allows you to modify more. Getting the right unique height and width and getting the right amount of shelves are possible to do now. Everyone is often satisfied this freedom while purchasing this unfinished vanity.

2. Customized Alteration

Once you buy the vanity, it is up to you what to do to it. If you want it to be your bathroom vanity with sink, you can choose any sink you want to attach and you can choose any counter top you want to have.

If the materials and plumbing require a little alteration, it should be able to do as well.

If you want it to be your kitchen vanity, it is possible for you match it with any counter top material and alter the shelves depending on what you want to store in it.

Bathroom unfinished vanity sink

3. Matching It to Interior Theme

Being unfinished, it will be easier to modify its look. You may want to finish it certain paint colors so it comes nicely into the room.

Black marble will look great with original and warm tone of wood for elegant kitchen. It means you only need to choose the right wood and transparent coating it.

In alternative, it can be finished in any color you want to match your interior theme. It is easier and cheaper to do because you don’t have previous finishing for you to deal with. It’s convenient for someone who is even novice for DIY thing.

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4. More Affordable Rate

With the store or supplier doesn’t need to apply any finishing to the vanity, you actually offered with much lower price for each vanity. It means you save more money.

If you decide to keep it with your budget, it is possible that you will get even better vanity comparing to buying the finished one.

Several customers already claim that even with the expense they make for the final finishing, it is still considered cheaper. They cost the same only when we make serious alteration to the vanity, which is very rare to happen considering we can choose the pre assemble ones.

There are more than enough perks of buying vanity unfinished rather than finished. It gives you more freedom and it helps you save some more money. If you have replacement plan for the old vanity, this is your answer.

Bathroom unfinished vanity sink and drawer for narrow space

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