How to Decorate A Wall Behind A TV

How to Decorate A Wall Behind a TV Creatively

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Useful thing could give you a hard time, too. Look at the TV attached to the wall. It occupies 30 percent of the eye sight.

You could not categorize it as dominating, but obviously, it is not small either.

How would you deal with this problem? One of the creations below might be the answer.

Here 5 ideas to decorate a wall behind a TV creatively:


1. Turn It into an Art

The wall in a house is usually filled with artistic ornament. It is obvious that TV, no matter how elegant, does not belong to ornamental items. You can transform the electronic item into something with inventive value. Attach a pretty frame on it.

Choose the one that could refresh your eyes: plain or patterned. You can also install a curtain rail. Instead of fabric, put a contemporary cardboard. When you are not using it, close the cover door and you will get the real art.

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How to Decorate Wall Behind TV. 5 simple ideas to decorate a wall behind TV creatively

2. Install A Background

Since the TV is automatically turned into the focal point of the room, just go along with it. Attach beautiful nature-themed wallpaper such as blooming Sakura, pine woods, etc. Other pattern is okay, but since TV room is usually doubled as the family room, those pictures are the most neutral one.

You could also bring a wooden board with nice furnishing to enhance the contour. The rustic or exclusive color is the perfect combo for TV, since the color has the same root with the thesis.

How to decorate wall behind tv stand

3. Make A Grid

If you love the tidy arrangement, then try this idea. Create a grid of photo display or paintings around the TV. Pick uniform frame: similar in size and color to box the photos. Too much bright color will hurt your eyes and distract your brain.

While you are watching TV, you do not want to turn your head repeatedly in the direction of vivid colors. This style calls for sophisticated room. Enjoy the beauty of lines and the vintage vibe.


4. Bring It Inside

A wall is a prospective space to store something. For small houses, the dilemma are bigger: the family needs TV, but it is going to take more space! Stop panicking and start doing something. You can just put the TV on the tall shelves.

In order to reach this goal, you have to pick the backless shelves: no board on both sides. This way, you can slip it in. The rest of the job is up to you. Put flowers, photos, figurines, literally every fine decoration that you have.


5. Put Up A TV Table

Do you still have the dressing table from your grandma? It could be an excellent complementary pair for the TV. Un-mount the mirror and put the TV on it. Place small knick knacks on the table, a little bit further from the TV.

The cabinet below the TV could be used as an emergency storage box to keep the cables and remote controls. Want more? Then pick up some tiny porcelain plate and nail it to the wall. Place it in a way that resemble a circle.

Things could be complicated when an item is neither in big or small group. The in between size is the disadvantage, and it needs your help to be fixed. Greet the new concept with enthusiasm and high spirit. Solve the problem and elevate the room decoration to the higher level.

Green accent wall behind tv


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