How to Decorate Wall for Birthday Party

Crafting the Vista: How to Decorate Wall for Birthday Party

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Backdrop carries the meaning of the party. Pay attention to the design of the wall, your party will write there.

It becomes the first impression of a bash.

Get ready to shower the details of the party in your wall and turn it up!

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1. Spell a Massage

Use the wall as a center of attention when you want to deliver massage to someone. Pick a banner, stick around photos and bring the memories back to the party. You can add gold glitter banner to impress the guest.


2. Bring Spring Inside Your House

You can use flowers for any kind of celebration. When spring comes, do not forget to add flowers garland into the walls. It will look amazing with the different color scheme. Arrange the flowers together with the organza butterflies.

If you like artificial things, you can make a paper flowers garland or rosette combine with ombre pompom.  Embracing something new in the combination and you will see something refreshing.

3. Royal Room

Let the Midas comes to your party, add stunning features in your wall as if you are the royalty. Set the backdrop behind the chair of honor at the birthday party like never before.

If you like Ancient Rome taste, add mine craft swords in the wall as the symbol of gladiator. Use vintage style template of Victorian crown to enliven the view.

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4. Simple and Fun

Who says that you need lots of money to decorate the gorgeous backdrop? You also can do it by yourself with the scrapbook or crepe papers. You can make a chain paper with colorful combination and put it in the wall.

Use your sewing machine and sew the scrapbook paper based on the pattern and tape it. Draw Zigzag streamers on the papers and bring it together.

5. Balloons Idea

Wall decoration ideas for birthday party
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Balloons are a must-have item in a party. If you want to host a party, it is good to combine the balloons in the background. Consider balloons as the main decoration and it will create different atmosphere based on your creativity.

You can use hanging balloons with photos in the wall; it will make the guest want to take home the balloons along with your photo on it.

You also can painted polka dot, make confetti, or paint it gold to make it chic. If you like to play with vary height, you can tape balloons with different size in the wall. The outlook will turn out to be awesome.

6. Holiday Theme

Make the holiday unforgettable with throwing a bash! You can design the wall just like your favorite holiday. If you like White Christmas, tape white angles wings and hang the miniature of traditional Christmas tree in the wall.

If you like Halloween, use tinsel design. Put Tinsel ghost, pumpkin, and bat in the backdrop. You can also add cute Halloween banner with the glitter spider and Web decoration.

The things that easily be seen become the power of your party. How you design the view in the wall will impress your guest. Let the wall becomes the vantage point, spell the massage and let your celebration shine!

Wall decor for birthday party

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