Fabulous Simple Stairway Wall Decorating Ideas
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Fabulous Simple Stairway Wall Decorating Ideas

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If the house owners take a closer look, stairway covers around 20 to 30 percents of the interior design.

Sadly, only some of the owners pay attention to this corner. Many of them say that the stairway is too edgy to decorate.

Well, this opinion is not valid anymore. There are ways to make the corner pretty!

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1. The Artistic Walls And Steps

Look at the empty plain space next to the walls! It is the first spot that should be filled. The concept of artistic walls will fit well to those who love fully packed stuff.

Symmetrical arrangement is not the goal. In fact, being artistic does not have any rules in regards of the shape and texture. The house owners could literally pick any kind of frame, wall decoration of any color and picture.

Want to play safe? Pick bright colors for the decorations. The wall should take the pastel tone and the steps painted in dark color. If the steps have rounded edges, the decoration on it should have different shape. Rounded paperweight might also work, but it offers the sense of uniformity. Playing with the height is also a helpful trick.

Rustic stairway wall decor ideas
Image: Decoist.com

2. Centered Decoration

Another way to utilize frames and tiny wall decoration is setting all of them in the middle of the wall. It gives very nice effect on the sideway stairs. To make it works nicely, pick any tone that goes not too far from the wall paint. For example, the tone of the wall is warm chestnut. For the wall decoration, pick similar color, for example light brown, dark chocolate or golden yellow.

If the decoration seems to dark, slip white color in the background. One applicable trick is monochrome cutting on a glass. Instead of putting the big frame on both sides, it is better to put them in the center. Leave some plain wall on top of the stair and below the ceiling. Slip in the tiny glitters in between the frame.

Centered stairway wall decoration ideas
Image: dwellingdecor.com

3. Hidden Staircase

The mysterious concept is not something new in interior world. The point of being a “mystery” is the use of dark color and hidden stairways. In order to build the hideout, one option is by installing giant bookshelf. It is not a separated part of the stair. Walking to the back side of the shelf, the house owners could climb to the upper floor.

Aside from its elegant look, hidden staircase has some disadvantages. It will not be suitable to the house with limited space. Why? The book shelves requires additional room. Moreover, it stands tall from the floor up to the ceiling. Thus, the area behind the stair, the stairway, will need additional lighting. The natural lighting will not be enough.

Hidden staircase with giant bookshelf

4. The Memory Lane

For a house owner who loves to invite some guests, installing the marriage, child birth and childhood photos is a brilliant idea. As the parents, they will be very proud to introduce each and every one of the picture. To make the walls prettier, pick a wallpaper with floral motive. If you don’t like flower, then pick any other patterned wallpaper. The setting will accentuate the picture better.

What kind of picture will make the best memory lane. It basically depends on the family. The newly wed might not have many choices, since all is only about the wedding ceremony. In this case, the frame could have artistic words instead. Later when the babies have born, put on the first footprint. Years after, add the baby shower pictures as well.

Photo frame memory lane stairway wall decor ideas

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5. Sign Board

Believe it or not, using the frame for decoration is not everyone’s favorite. Pictures and textures are oldies. Some people prefer to play with words and woods. How to get the products with these combinations? The easiest way is buying the sign board. What is written on the board doesn’t matter. What matter is the rustic feel they could bring to the house.

Keep in mind that the sign board is not meant to show the direction. Therefore, the house owners don’t have any obligation to put it in any methodical way. Mix matching is not banned at all. If they are lucky, the pieces from the whole crate could be the staircase steps! Imagine how fancy the final product will be. It might be one of a kind stair in the neighborhood.

Stairway wall decor ideas with sign board

6. Full Of Pattern

Summer is the season of bright color and sea vibe pattern. It is not recommended to have plain colors on the house. Even the blinds and curtain should be changed. Is there any solution for the stairs, as well? Yes, of course! It is the full pattern power. Before applying the chosen picture, it is better to print the sample and put it on the steps. Imagine when all the pattern is covering all the stair surfaces.

The house owners who have bad eyesight should not go all the way. Even when they really love the full pattern idea, the wisest way is to install the pattern on the top surface only. Let the horizontal side has plain tone. It will minimize the chance of slipping or stumbling. In the end, no one wants to get hurt because of the decoration.

Full Of Pattern Graphic black and white as stairway wall decor ideas

7. Bold Color

Do you even wonder why the Victorian house is so stunning? It is simply because the background color is white. Whatever tone or pattern the house owner put on the wall, it will appear brighter and bolder. You could copy this idea to the stairway. Painting the wall with white colors might give the effect of floating on the cloud. Therefore, the only way to spice up the atmosphere is installing the bold wallpaper.

How bold is “bold”? It is basically the vibrant colored pattern. It could be purple, red, navy blue, and any other color of your choice. What about the pattern? The most popular one is flower. Another pattern is also available, the house owner just need to pick it.

Bold color stairway wall decor ideas

Great way to solve the stairway corner is being creative. The decoration used is not always new. The house owners could bring old things, too. What to do then? Pick one recommended style above and apply it to the walls and stairs. Enjoy and have fun!

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