Colorful Front Porch Decorating Ideas For Summer

Colorful Front Porch Decorating Ideas For Summer

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The porch on the terrace is the most popular spot to enjoy the afternoon tea.

In many houses, not all guests could get the access to this area. It only opens to close friends and relatives.

This is also the fundamental reason to decorate the space as pretty as possible, especially in summer.

Here are some interesting ideas for porch decorations for summer. Check it out.

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1. Light And Airy

Sometimes, the way to be colorful is omitting the excessive colors from the palate. Summer is the season when the sun shine the most and the tree produced the tastiest fruits.

For a front porch with garden of flowers and trees, the house owners could try to pull put the rug and pick white colored pillow cover. It is okay to polish the wooden floor, but take away anything that has contrast color with the wood.

The result is surprising: the color of the garden seeps into the front porch. The combination makes great background for the plain colored sofa and pillow. Enjoying an afternoon cafe couldn’t be cozier! One change that should be applied is the lamp.

Instead of white lamp, pick the warm or Christmas colored bulb. It will be the pretty decoration in the evening. Otherwise, the front porch would be boring.

Small front porch decorating ideas for summer

2. Color Furniture

Most house owners are fussing about the table cloth color, the pillow color or the flower that should be placed inside the vase. Then a wild idea just popped out: what about stacking the colorful furniture.

Won’t it be much more convenient? The house owners don’t have to wash the cover every weekend and the furniture will do just well throughout the season. Plus, not many houses own them yet!

Some of you might think that the colorful furniture should be bought from the store. That would be the fastest shortcut. However, you will need extra room to keep them during the other three seasons.

Cheaper option would be wrapping colorful thread on the furniture. It will be difficult for the wooden sofa, but definitely possible on bamboo chair.

Front porch decorating ideas spring and summer

3. Jungle Vibe

One of the item that represents summer is palm plants. Probably coconut is more popular, but it is quite difficult to bring real size coconut tree to the front porch. Thus, palm is much more loved by lots of house owners.

After deciding that the theme would be jungle, the first thing you should do is bringing in some pots of palm. Don’t be afraid of the water leaking! Palm absorb water well during heat season, as long as it is not too much.

To lighten up the atmosphere, paint the pot with summer color. Under the table, lay a rug with colorful cubic pattern. Match the rest of the furniture: sofa, pillow, flower vase, with the available color. Sneak in some mosquito spray, just in case the blood sucking animals fly around the palm tree in the evening!

Front porch decorating ideas on a budget

4. Piling Pillows

Human body knows how to fight the heat: fall into slumber. Don’t be afraid when you spend the rest time sleeping on the front porch. It is part of human body reaction. The problem is how the house owners want to fall asleep. Sofa is definitely a must, so try to switch them to the patio. Then what else? You could always add pile of pillows, either under the head or within your embrace.

Since it is summer, why don’t do something different? Pick random pillow cover from the drawer and start putting them on different size and shape pillow. Now stack them on the sofa.

The rule is simple: never think of aesthetic aspect! The house owner will see how pleasing the pile is. Surely, they make pretty decoration. Whenever the sleepiness hits, the pillows are ready to use.

Ideas for decorating front porch for summer with pillows

5. Bright Patterned Cushions

It is not easy to undo what you have done. For example, when you bought the silvery gray sofa last winter. It might look good until spring, but in summer it looks sorrowful. This is a strong reason why gray is not listed as summer color.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply bring it back to the shop and ask for a replacement. The only way to save the season is pulling up some tricks under the sleeve.

One way to fight the plain or light pastel color is pairing it with bright color. To spice things up, the house owners could also incorporate some accent or pattern also. All of these ideas could be applied to the pillow cover. The pattern could be printed or created by tying up the edges. Either way, it will make the front porch brighter.

Rustic small front porch decorating ideas for summer with flower pot and colorful pillow Bright Patterned Cushions

6. Repurposed Wooden Items

Summer could also means seasonal projects. If the house owners are into this kind of project, then maybe they could start from the serving table. Instead of buying new table, find some unused cable spool from the factory. Even if the workers ask you to pay, the price won’t be high. The cable spool won’t be used again, anyway.

First, clean the cable spool. The surface should be clean from fine dust. Now take the sand paper and start sweeping the wood. It would be easier to work on smooth surface instead of the rough one, unless you want to highlight the texture. Next step is coloring. Copy the tone of rainbow on one side. This side later will be the flat surface to put things. Allow the paint to dry.

Now put on another layer on the neck and feet. The color should be neutral. For a table, centerpiece is important. If the neck and foot are also colorful, the guest won’t be able to appreciate its beauty. Let the paint dries. Now add some patterns on the inner circle. Try applying white paint over the other colors. Repeat the process on the foot.

Wooden repurposed front porch decorating ideas for summer

Summer decoration is basically writing the checklist of all the funky things and bring them out of the closet. Start from the floor mat, then the table cloth, pillow cover, and goes up to the lamp ceiling. The coordinated cover will be a pleasing sight. Happy decorating!.

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