Porch ceiling material options

Best Porch Ceiling Material Options

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When it comes to installing porch ceiling, then you should have been thinking what the best of porch ceiling materials.

There are indeed so many materials used to be the materials of porch ceiling.

Therefore, if you find difficulty and even hard time to decide what the best for you, here are some famous porch ceiling materials you can choose.

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1. Tongue and Groove

The first choice falls to Tongue and Groove. This material perhaps becomes the most beautiful of all ceiling materials.

The reason is because Tongue and Groove is made of a variety of woods, and the material can be custom made according to your preference, besides it looks so awesome and fantastic. Normally, this material is already stained or painted.

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2. Plywood

The next porch ceiling material is Plywood. This material is also well-known choice for porch ceiling because Plywood is the most typical ceiling covering.

To cover outdoor porch ceiling, then it is recommended to install a quality exterior grade plywood because it is durable or susceptible to moisture. Normally, Plywood material can be painted, so you can choose your color preference.

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3. Composite

Composite material is the next material for your porch ceiling. If you prefer non-wooden material, then Composite is the perfect choice for you. This material is made to be durable to mold.

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So, any mold that grows in the corners of the porch ceiling using this material cannot penetrate easily and you can wash it off effortlessly. Moreover, this material is smooth and designed for soffits and ceilings.

4. Plastic Bead Board

From its appearance, Plastic Bead Board looks like wood and also composite. However, it isn’t both of them. Because of its similarity to both wood and composite, people often be fooled if they are not selective.

However, fear not because you can count on this material. This material is virtually maintenance-free, meaning you don’t have to periodically maintain this material.

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5. Bead Board

Bead Board is another type of porch ceiling material that is common to homeowners. This material can be easily installed over plywood.

You can apply this material directly to exposed joists. Besides, this material is easy to be stained or painted as well as giving warmth to your porch.

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6. PVC

The last porch ceiling material is PVC. This material is solid core can withstand to the most sever weather conditions and this is a perfect material for coastal or beach porch.

Moreover, this material is incredibly stable to minimize expansion. PVC material comes in a variety of colors, besides it has reversible edges where you can have v-groove or bead designs.

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There are several products available on the market that are well-known, such as Variform and Azek.

There are many choices in stores if you want to install porch ceiling. The recommended porch ceilings above are the well-known materials the homeowners usually use for their porch ceiling.

So, don’t hesitate to choice among those materials because they are quality and of course have awesome look.

Best Porch Ceiling Material Options:

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