Porch Floor Paint Color Ideas

Porch Floor Paint Color Ideas

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Planning a makeover for the front porch floor is not a simple decision. Things that make you stop writing the list is probably the cost.

Sometimes, the condition of the porch urges you to do the remodeling project. Why don’t you pick something simple and affordable for this project: like a paint?

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1. Highlighting The Pattern

Wood is one of the popular materials for porch floor. A dusty, shabby floor doesn’t always call for a total remodeling.

First step to do is to clean it thoroughly; make sure the least amount of dust left. Then take the clear coating stain and apply it evenly to highlight the wood pattern.

This trick looks great on a deck front patio, with vivid colored door as the focal point. Also, the wood element makes it easier for the floor to blend with nature.

Avoid giving the glossy finishing, as it could create double focal point and slippery effect. If you don’t like the color of natural wood, then you could pick soft gray tone as an option.

Gray porch floor paint ideas or deck with white chair table sets and screen
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2. Heaven and Earth Combination

Make your high and wide patio resemble the picture of heaven and earth. The floor, in this case, plays its part as earth. Therefore, pick soil element to paint it: grayish, light brown, or dark brown.

You could add accent by applying paper sand to some parts, creating the effect of shadows. Don’t forget to give double coat in high traffic area.

To complete the look, you could paint the pillars white and put tall pots in between. This will be the representative of living things on earth.

Now for the heaven, you could paint the ceiling with sky blue paint. Make sure each color slowly directs the guests to look upward.

Brown floor, blue ceiling porch, and yellow wall painting

3. Seaside Feeling

Installing screened front porch is totally in nowadays; it protects from freezing snow, falling rain and burning sunshine. Despite of the weather, you could bring your guests to have a conversation outside.

To make things a little bit cheerful, blow the seaside atmosphere to the floor. Purchase blue and white paint, a can for each color.

Draw the blueprint of oversized diamonds pattern, while imagining that the blue colored diamond should dominate the space.

Carefully, stick duct tape to the sketched area. Apply the blue paint first, then you can proceed with the white one.

Blue porch floor paint color ideas
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4. Country House

When you live in countryside, bright color is more favorable than plain brown and neutral color. It is also the rule for front porch floor.

The color of this space matters for the other furniture. It is such a basic knowledge that the color of pillars and ceiling should coordinate with the floor, too.

Want to try something bold with green and orange? Both colors represent plants and harvesting products. Now you could bring the color, in the form of a long, alternated, medium sized diamonds.

To make it look more natural, apply one or two coating only, to show the lumber pattern.

Give a lot of surprising splash and colors with a can of paint. It is affordable and practical, allowing you to explore more than ten ideas with only one item.

Get double benefits of savings and creativity with paint. Now the only thing left is to decide which style to apply and when to start. Happy painting!.

Country House porch flooring paint

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