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Why Choosing Outside Bamboo Blinds?

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Enjoying your afternoon on porch could be a little bit overwhelming when you have too much lights on your table.

You need something to block the lights without skipping the exotic view. For this case, people usually install a blind on the ceiling.

Since you share similar problem, why don’t you try this option?


Bamboo Roman Shade Vs Blinds

When you first see it, you might not know which is which. Both are made from dried bamboo, with almost similar choice of colors: tan, light brown to golden hue.

If you take a look at it closely, roman shades take bamboo as its frame, while the whole structure is covered by soft bamboo fiber. It is usually installed inside the house: on the window to be exact.

Bamboo roman shades allow the sun light to pass. Bamboo blinds, on the other hand, is composed from several thin bamboo layers. It completely blocks the light, but you can adjust its height by pulling the attached strings.

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The Reasons to Choose Bamboo Blinds

There is no need to explain the reason if you are a nature and DIY person. For those who need convincing logic, the following facts might be some in the list.

  • Green Choice

A bamboo plant is easy to get. It is quite durable if you consider the fact that it is a natural product. Also, the plant will regrow the other bamboo shoots that will grow tall in no time.

  • Cheap Price

You could buy the raw material and the finished product in the store for quite low price. This way, you will have more time to save money. Thus, planning for your big renovation project.

  • Easy Installation

You don’t need luxurious tool to start the installation. The standard tools like hammer and nails will do. You just need to make sure the roll is not in the frontier.

  • Simple Maintenance

Don’t forget about this point. You could brag about those hundred dollars items, but you could only sigh when the care cost too much. Bamboo blinds only need simple dusting or occasional wiping.

Porch bamboo roll up blinds

Tips To Buy the Blinds

Before you grab your jacket and head to the nearest store, you need one last thing: tips to choose the best product. Since a lot of manufacturers offer different prices for one item, some must have the top hand. Learn how you could tell the difference.

  • Durability

Check the weather in your area for the whole year. Make sure you buy the one that could stand the whole year. Some brands should be unmounted during winter.

  • Installation Area

Read the manual or ask the staff where the blinds should be installed. Several blinds factories set their products to be installed on screened porch. It must be a burden if don’t have the screened porch yet.

  • Weather Resistant Rail And Pulley

You are looking for outdoor stuff, so don’t forget to ask for the weather resistant products. For rail products, pick the one with treated tropical hardwood label. For the pulley, ask for the one made from combination of nylon plastic and brass.

Among all choices, you could say that bamboo blinds is almost perfect. It accommodates more than half of of great items criteria: affordable price, easy installation, nature friendly, and easy operation. Not to mention, its color and shape that could fit almost any porch exterior. What more could you ask?.

Porch blinds bamboo

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