Outside Mount Blinds with Window Trim

How to Install Outside Mount Blinds with Window Trim

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Outside mount blind is a good option if your windows are out of square or the window opening has no break. Outside mount blind is able to be adjusted for irregular sizes.

However, determine first how wide the blind to be so it has enough space for the mounting brackets.

Here are some steps on installing the outside mount blinds.

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Measuring and Determining the Mount

1. Measure the windows

It is very important as the basic information before buying the blind. You can measure the windows by using measuring tape and then measure the outside of the window.

The outside is important too because it should fit the outside mount blinds. Outside mount blinds make the window and blind look larger.

For measuring the outside mount, measure all the casing around the window and then measure it from the top to the bottom.

2, Purchase the blind based on the correct measurement

Many options of blinds that you can choose such as PV, wood, vinyl, and aluminum. The choice is based on your own preference.

3. Make the mounting marks

Hold the blind up so the top part of the blind will be centered and leveled with the casing of the window. Mark below the head rail by using pencil on both side of the casing. Put the mark ¼ of an inch on the end of each head rail.

Outside blinds for windows

Attaching the Brackets

1. Open the bracket door and hold the end brackets in the place

Place the bracket on the pencil mark that has been already made. There are two spots for bracket, the one towards you and the other towards the window center.

2. Mark where you will be drilling

Mark the bracket spot by using pencil. Choose two diagonal holes for the brackets and then make a hole by drilling it. The brackets must be placed on the outside of the window casing on each side of window.

3. Drill the holes for the screws

Each bracket needs two screws. Make sure that the screws are smaller than the screw for securing the bracket. Then, replace the bracket and then screw it into the proper spot. Besides, use the proper screw for the proper wall.

Installing the Head Rail and Valance

1. Snap the valance clips in place

Attach the head rail to the valance by using valance clips. The valance itself is the cover of the head rail and something that makes it more decorative.

Moreover, the valance clips must be snapped over the front of the head rail before it is inserted to the bracket.

2. Put the head rail to the brackets

After finishing drill the bracket in its place, the bracket doors should be wide opened. After that, put the head rail into it. Then, close the bracket doors.

3. Attach the valance

Put the valance based on your preference along the head rail. After that, press it down so the valance clips will snap to the valance and hold it in place.

Installing the outside mount blinds by yourself is quite easy to be done. Those tips above should help you to do it properly. If you are careful in every step, you will even make a final professional look.

Outside window blinds

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