Porch blinds for wind and rain

Things about Porch Blinds For Wind And Rain

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Why you need porch blinds for wind and rain? Do you just leave your front porch seat to move inside? If it is because of windy weather or dripping rain, why don’t you do something so you could stay longer?

You could purchase a blinds for your porch and tackle the wind and pouring rain. It is a simple, yet elegant addition for your house exterior.


Why Porch Blinds for Wind and Rain Works Better?

When you do immediate research to find the best blind, you might read this term: shade. It is one similar product like blind, but may not perform well outdoor.

The first obstacle is the fabric material. It could filter lights, but will shake crazily upon breezing wind.

As for blinds, its structure has leveled thin layers, allowing the wind to pass easily. You could control the angle and coverage area, too.

Shades will surely get soaked after rain and without proper drying, the smell will cause another problem. Blinds, on the other hand, only calls for wipe and it will be completely dried.

Those who love colors and pattern will tend to set their eyes on shades. It has warm tones and plenty of drawings to choose.

However, this time you should remember what you are dealing with: wind and rain. Thing such as outdoor shades work mainly for blocking the light.

What Are The Best Porch Blinds for Wind and Rain Options?

There are three popular blinds that works best against wind and rain. They are the cafe curtains, verandah blinds, and retractable blinds. Each of them has weakness, which should be considered before the actual purchase.

Cafe Curtain/ Cafe Blind

Being the first one in the list, this item offers the best protection from water, sun light, and excessive wind. It is made from PVC and available in tinted or clear material.

Installing the cafe blind will automatically set the barrier between you and the area outside the porch. In addition, cafe blind is the best among the others for durability.

Verandah Blinds

Owning an open porch grant you and the passerby access to enjoy what is in store. Keep a little privacy with verandah bliss.

It covers the area from the ceiling to the floor, but let you see outside through the small gaps. You could dodge the heat, wind and rain while enjoying the vain beauty of surrounding nature.

Retractable Blind

This one may not be the most favorite for those who still love to observe the view. It blocks the view as well as 80% of UV rays.

However, it comes in vibrant colors and water resistant materials. You will get locking brackets in the set, setting the fix place for the blind when the wind comes.

Porch blinds for wind and rain

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Is There Any Porch Blinds for Wind and Rain Installation Tips?


You could extend the protected area by installing awning near the area of screened porch perimeter. Moreover, it will be the sloping side, letting the water falls effortlessly.  Some devices could be retracted.


The lower part of the blind might hang loosely after installation. To prevent to much swaying, attach hook and pull it to the ground. If your blind can’t extend, then tie rope to the hook.

Porch is a place to admire the nature beauty. Things like wind and rain should not change the whole plan. To fix this problem, you might want to install porch blinds for wind and rain that could block not only overwhelming lights, but also blowing air and dropping water. For its practical use, you pay for fair to low price.

Front porch blinds outdoor for wind and rain

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