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Awesome Unfinished Kitchen Island Buying Tips

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It may seem just right to you when the price of unfinished kitchen island is far cheaper than the painted one. Automatically, your common sense told you that this type of furniture is not worth buying. Bare wood shows low quality.

This opinion is wrong! Stain or paint is often applied to cover any crack or holes on the wood before handed to the costumers. This, and some other reasons, set people’s eyes to this item.

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Why Buying One Unfinished Kitchen Island?

First of all, you need to recognize the definition of “unfinished kitchen island”. This term is not signaling for its quality. Instead of its rate, unfinished refers to the absence of last stage of the production.

This product has not been painted or stained. Instead of being defected, this type of product is in its best condition to buy.

You, as the buyer, will notice if there is any crooked or broken part. Also, the manufacturers cannot hide the wood and its quality.

For these reasons, many customers choose this product. Particularly for creative brains, the unfinished kitchen island is just like an empty canvas waiting to be sketched.

Unfinished Kitchen Island with seating

Types of Unfinished Wooden Kitchen Island

If you compare the design, there are two types of kitchen island: the face frame and the frameless one. The first one has drawers to store kitchen tools such as knifes, spatula, etc.

It faces to the front, within the arm reach of the cook. Having these drawers installed will be a huge help.

However, it will leave no space for you to keep things under the island. The second type has no drawers, leaving a spacious interior space under. The frameless design will perfectly fit to the modern kitchen.

Besides the attractive model, some portable drawers might need to be installed, if you like things to be practical. The image below give you example of unfinished kitchen island with drawers. 

Unfinished Kitchen Island bases cabinet

Unfinished Kitchen Island Buying Tips

The first suggestion is to know better about the material. Wooden unfinished kitchen island is usually made from mahogany, pine, cherry and oak.

Keep in mind that each of these materials has different stain absorption level. Once it gets dark stain, there is almost no way to make it as light as the new one.

The only option is to stain the island with even darker paint. If you prefer less maintenance type, then you have plywood materials.

Wooden kitchen island only use hardwood, with all the consequences. Plywood offers longer durability and better resistance to stain. In the other words, you will perform minimum maintenance.

Purchasing a new island also means that you are throwing out the old one. If that is the case, then do not forget to visualize the type of kitchen island design you wish to have.

Consider about the installation, efficiency, and the number of kitchen tools you are going to tuck in. The fastest way to deal with this matter is by choosing similar design to the old one. If “one design, brand new item” could satisfy you, why bother to look for the better?

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What could be better than an unfinished wood, so clear that you could observe the detail in every corner? Apart from saving some money from your pocket, there are several benefits lines up, only if you could be detailed enough to consider the things above. Happy shopping!.

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Unfinished Island Base Only

Sometimes, we need to buy unfinished kitchen island base only. Why? if you want to modified the top island. you can choose nice material top kitchen island that you want. Marble top, ceramics, wooden, concrete, or other material for kitchen top.

Here to sample of unfinished kitchen island without top. Interesting, right!

Unfinished Kitchen Island Base Only

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