Kitchen Island Lighting Rustic

Designing Your Kitchen Island Lighting Rustic

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Different kitchen style will also require different lighting set up. If you decide to apply rustic style to your kitchen, you must maximize it to the fullest.

It means you have to really care about every single detail in your kitchen, including the lighting.  Designing kitchen rustic lighting is not as simple as designing other kitchen lighting.

Here some things you really need to consider about it.

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1. Dominant Colors

Since you are designing rustic kitchen lighting, be very careful about colors you are going to apply in your kitchen. You will need colors that can reflect light, so dark colors and shades must be avoided.

Try to apply brighter colors, especially when you have a small-sized kitchen. Larger window is also necessary to let sunlight shines its light to your kitchen at daylight.

2. Vintage Style

Hanging vintage lamp in your kitchen is worth a try. Rustic nuance is closely related vintage style. As long as you design your lamp as antique as possible, it will smoothly match with your rustic kitchen.

You can pick any Italian lamp design for various choices of vintage lamp. It will look complete when you let your shelving opened.

Homemade Kitchen Island Lighting Rustic

3. Chandeliers

One thing you should note when you want to apply chandelier lamp design is do not hang it too close with your kitchen tables. Normally people will hang the chandeliers on top rather than putting it on the kitchen table.

It is acceptable since the candles might melt and mess your table. Adding any shield to your chandelier can be the best option to prevent it melting down to your kitchen table.

4. Track Lighting

It sounds strange at first but wait until you see the result. Track lighting is actually a flexible type of lighting. You can apply this style of lighting in almost all style of kitchen set. Talking about rustic kitchen, you need some improvement in adapting track lighting.

Proper placing will mean a lot in creating rustic nuance. Pick some spots or s that you think has strong nuance of rustic. Then set the track light to shine on those spots. You also need to consider about what the track lighting is made of. Wooden track lighting is the best choice.

Wooden Kitchen Island Lighting Rustic with bar stools

5. Fireplace

Without any doubt, this might be the most suitable type of lighting you can apply to your rustic kitchen. We can find a fireplace in almost all houses in a rustic area. Have it one in your kitchen will strengthen the rustic nuance of your house.

There are 2 choices of placing this fireplace. The first one is of course put it on the bottom center, right under your main cabinet. The next one is by making an elevated fireplace. It will need more works to do compared with the first one.

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Designing rustic lighting is actually not really that complicated. Proper design and well decorated kitchen will really helpful for your rustic lighting concept. Therefore, you need to deal with those things first before you can get your rustic kitchen lighting.

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