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How to Maintain Kitchen Island Marble Top

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It is totally understandable if you find your kitchen as the dirtiest place in your house, especially when you have kids who go around it every day.

The problem is most of us do not really understand how to clean it correctly. Different material will need different treatment in cleaning it.

Here are some tips to maintain your kitchen marble top.

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1. Sealing the Marble

This step is quite simple to be done. It will also guarantee you glorious marble top looks. All you need to do is use a top quality and a trusted penetrating sealer.

Consider your marble top as your investment, so you can manage how much money you will spend for buying a top quality penetrating sealer.

When actually not all marble tops need to be sealed, you still need to try this step if you want your marble tops to shine sparkly and protected.

2. Clean Any Spills Immediately

Marble is a sensitive material, much more sensitive than granite with acidic substances like tomato sauce, coffee, wine, soda, fruit juice and toiletry products that can etch and stain the surface.

Clean it as soon as you see there are any spills on your marble tops. Do not let the acidic substances stay any longer on your marble tops because the longer it stays, the more etching it can produce.

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3. Use Sponge and Soft Cloth

You are going to need hot water and some formulated marble cleaner for your regular basis as the cleaning tools. Dip the sponge and soft cloth to the hot water and formulated marble cleaner and dust it on your marble tops.

Note that you are not suggested to add any soap combination because it can be harmful for some types of stone.

4. Use Complete Equipments

Since it is almost impossible to prevent your marble tops from etching, you can use cutting boards to protect your marble tops against scratching and direct contact any other acidic substances. Avoid scratches or possible scorching by using trivets under hot pans.

When you notice that acidic drinks from cans, bottles and glasses can slowly damage the surface or scrape the polish, you will need to use coasters under those things.

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5. Use Table Cloth

This last step is suggested if you fail or cannot deal well enough with the first 4 steps. By using table cloth, you will automatically prevent any acidic substances or harmful materials reaching your marble tops.

The next thing you need to think if you want to apply any table cloth is how it will look. Putting a table cloth on your marble tops will indirectly ruin the whole theme of your kitchen. That is why this last step is optional.

When you decide to use marble as the main material of your table or top, you have to be ready with the maintenance too. Avoid any expensive marble polishing by treating it like fine wood furniture. Having marble tops in your kitchen is a long time investment.

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