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Simple Front Porch Designs Tips

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Front porch is an important part of your house and it must be beautiful and eye catching because the first place that will be seen by the guests is your front porch.

It serves as the first impression from the passers-by and it can represent the owners.

Here are the steps for having a good-looking front porch.

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Start Planning

The first thing you do is thinking about your aims for having a front porch.

You need to think about the functions whether it will be used for entertaining or quiet retreat; will you eat, watching tv, playing games, or what kind of activities that you will do there; you will stay on your porch to have afternoon sun or to enjoy the night breeze; think about the position of your door; etc.

There are many considerations that you need to be prepared before creating a front porch.

Besides, you need to consider the budget and investigate your choices. Make sure that everything is well-prepared, so it will fulfill your expectation.

Design for Your Lifestyle

After deciding what you need and prepare in your new front porch design, it is essential to create a design that can represent your lifestyle.

If you like to take care of some plants, it is better to put some kinds of plants and flowers to decorate your front porch. If you like simple touch, you can choose monochrome colors.

It depends on your favorite and lifestyle. If you have difficulties in designing your own front porch, you can ask for help to the architects. They will help you a lot and hopefully not disappoint you.

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Executing Your Project

Next, you need to learn about design features and structural before making a front porch. You need to consider the foundation and flooring, railings and stairs, and ceilings and roofs. You have to make sure that everything is matched with your planning and budget.

Before you buy the products, it is better for you to check the price and quality in several shops for comparing one and another. If you find any difficulty, you can consult with the expert or you can browse on the internet to give you more inspiration.

Bring your porch to life

In this step, you need to choose the best finishing touches which suit for you. You can give your front porch distinctive style and unique personality. Besides, in this step you can start to buy furniture that can complete your front porch.

Moreover, you can ask for your family members’ ideas to make your plan more perfect. The thing that you need to pay attention is choosing the furniture which is match with your concept and plan.

Remember, choose everything based on your budget and don’t be in a rush because it can destroy your new front porch.

Those are the tips that you need to consider when you want to build your own eye catching and comfortable front porch. Let’s try those tips to keep your home stay wonderful!

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Most Popular Front Porch Design

After know some tips about porch, maybe you need to know about the most popular porch design. Here some ideas for you.

1. Welcoming comfort porch design for small home

The design is comfortable to sit and enjoy the view. It also welcome to guest without eliminate the privacy.

Welcome front porch design ideas

2. Open entryway small house porch design

The length is same as size of the house. It is suitable for small homes. So, still providing flexibility on the front porch.

Open entryway design for small house front porch

3. Old school walkup front porch design ideas for small house

For rustic homes, this front porch design is attractive and cheerful. It give you enough space to relax and unwind.

Old school walkup front porch design ideas for small house

4. Covered front porch with roof lines

This is traditional simplicity design for home. You can adopt it.

Traditional simplicity covered front porch design ideas

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