Front Porch Planter Decor Ideas

Fabulous DIY Front Porch Planter Ideas to Brighten Up your House

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Do you want to beautify your front door porch? Or, do you want to give an unforgettable impression for your guest?

You can make all them surprised just by decorating your front porch correctly. You don’t have to make a total make-over on your porch. You just need to give some beautiful touches.

People tend to give first judgment on what they see for the first time. When you invite your friends, your colleagues, or your relatives, they will create their opinions about you from what they see when they are in your house.

The first thing to judge is your front porch. The decoration you put into it really matters for you. So, don’t ever think that whatever you put on your front porch is meaningless.

The decoration style you put into your front porch should be able to show people about who you really are. Show your characteristics through your house! The perfect display to do it is from your porch.

If you want to show them that you are cheerful, you can display colorful interiors to your porch. You can decorate it yourself by making use of some old items from your own house.

Decorate your porch with several classic signs, unique stalls and benches or anything else. But, you can simply just add some unique planters to create the atmosphere that you want. The materials for potted planters are also very easy to find.

You can put your flower potted planters everywhere. Put some beautiful flowers on each stair, hang some of small pots along the edge of the front roof or just put some big plant pots on each corner.

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Easiest and cheapest way to light up your porch is to decorate it with some DIY unique planters. DIY items are not being sold worldwide. You can have them only one in this world.

To bring the unique and stylist decoration, you can always make your own planters using used items from your house. You can always create fascinating planters even with some old milk can.

Make use of some of your upcycled things all around the house. These used items can make your planters unique and antique. You can play with planters’ sizes, shapes, colors and materials to create more proportional look for your porch. Don’t forget to match them with the color of other interiors sit on your porch to make them all balanced.

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One simple thing to decorate your porch is by placing some flowers pots on both sides of your door entrance. You can put them directly on each side of the door or you can place them along the vicinity of it. It is much better if your porch is covered so that it can protect your pots from the rain or other climate issues.

Frankly speaking, making your own planters is easy, what you need to consider is to mix and match them with other décor on your porch. By playing with sizes, colors and materials of the flower pots, you can make your porch much lively and interesting. Here are some fabulous ideas how to DIY your planters décor. Check it out.

1. Tall Unique Pots

If you happen to have some tall pots, you can paint them in bronze or gold and fill them with two or three different plants. Put them on the corner of the porch.

If you don’t have any but you have used tall milk container, you can use it. Don’t need to paint it. The rust from it can give a rustic style to your porch.

Gigantic clay pot is also suitable for it. Choose old gigantic pot which has some washed paints to make it old and unique. Match the color of the pot with the color of your front wall and floor as well as the color of the front door.

Tall Unique Pot Planters for Front Porch Decor Ideas

2. Cinder Block Planters

Some leftover cinder blocks can also be used as the planters. Organize them near the wall of your front door. You can arrange them as your style vertically, horizontally or both. You can make one stack or two or more from them. When they are ready, just fill them in with some plants.

You can plant flowers or some tall leaves in the same color or various colorful flowers on them. To make the cinder blocks look natural, just maintain their original colors. Don’t need to paint them.

Cinder Block Planters for Front porch decoration ideas

3. Small Pots for the Front Steps

Find some old metal buckets on the same size. Fill them up with the same colorful flowers. Arrange each bucket on each edge of each step. By doing so, you have been able to make wonderful path to reach your house.

Small Pots for the Front Steps Decoration ideas

4. Old Fruit Basket Planters

You can always make use of your old fruit basket as your porch decoration. If you have different size and dimension of the basket, it would be great.

  • Collect three wooden fruit baskets. Fill them with some flower plants. If the basket is tall and big enough, you can plant some small leaves.
  • Place them on the corner of the porch near your bench. If you have some small stools, place one basket on one stool and arrange them along the wall near your door entrance. Simple, isn’t it?

Old Fruit Basket Planters for Front Porch Decor Ideas

5. Stacked Flower Pots

  • Be creative with the arrangement of your planters. You can stack three different planter sizes. But, make sure that all of them should be on the same dimension and colors.
  • Fill them with flowers but put the flower circling the outside edge of the pots as the middle area will be used to stack the smaller pots. You can also write welcome lettering on the biggest pot.
  • Place them near your entrance door.
Front Porch Decor ideas with DIY Stacked Flower Pots

It is never a waste to be creative with plants and flowers as your decoration. You can make your porch to be colorful, rustic, whimsical, and even chic through planters’ décor. These décor can never be old. It will always be captivating for everyone who happens to visit or pass by your house.

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