How to decorate small front porch for summer

Great Tips on How to Decorate a Small Front Porch

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Do you have a small porch and find it hard to decorate it without being able to make it feel spacious? Or, do you find it hard to choose the decoration?

Don’t worry! You can make your small porch beautiful and spacious by applying some tips and tricks on how to decorate it.

Make sure that your small porch can give enough access for the people come in and out the house. Don’t block the pathway with some inappropriate furniture.

Any interior is welcomed to decorate your porch but you have to be really selective about them.

Don’t let them consume all your porch space. If you fail to choose appropriate interiors for your porch, it will make it unpleasant and unappealing.


Don’t forget to always bring positive impacts for everyone visiting your house. Try to give them your best sides through your house. It’s scary how people are able to judge you from your house condition. So, it is better to give them good judgment rather than the bad one, isn’t it?

Actually, if you happen to own a limited space on your front porch and you just get cramped area to decorate, you can always go for some greenery. You can display your preferable flowers to decorate your small porch.

To make it more interesting, you can plant your desired flowers or leaves with your DIY planters. When you still have some space left, add some seat or benches or chairs.

Small front porch decorating ideas

Match the decoration with the theme or style of your porch. For your rustic porch, you can decorate it with some old and upcycled flower planters.

When your porch has dark painting tones, the decoration with some wooden interiors can make it brighter. Or, if you have a bohemian porch, you can hang some gipsy decors all around it.

Rug is also a great decoration for your small porch. You can also create some original rug made of cork or pebbles.

You can also decorate your porch with the items which are on season. For example, if you happen to have Halloween celebration on the way, you can decorate it with some crafted pumpkins, lanterns, brooms, etc.

You are able to decorate your porch just as the way you want it. But, wait! For small porch, you need to consider these dos and don’ts to create comfortable atmosphere.

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1. Always Go for Small Interiors

To avoid the porch space to be overwhelmed, display small interiors or furniture. Choose small chairs, stools or benches. You can line up some small chairs on one side of the wall near your entrance door.

Choose chairs or seat or benches with no arms to avoid visual bulkiness. When choosing small tables, choose the ones with round edge and not with angles or as no angles imply healthier traffic stream.

Small front porch decorating farmhouse

2. Divide the Space of your Porch

You can always divide spacious terrace for some purposes, like a space for relaxing, eating, etc. But, don’t be too discouraged! You are able to divide the space of your cramped porch for several purposes.

For relaxing, make use of couple square feet on the corner for your relaxing spot. Spread a small rug and put two cozy chairs on it.

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3. Choose Appropriate Greenery for the Porch

For small terrace, never decorate it with big or tall leaves. Tall leaves, plants, shrubs, or other gigantic greenery are not gonna work as they will overpower the porch.

Choose small leaves or dwarf flowers to be displayed. It means also using small or midsize planters for them. You can spread the planters all over porch’s corners.

Small front porch decorating ideas DIY

4. Build Connection

Most front porches are designed to be in synergy with their surroundings, like other outdoor areas, driveways, and also backyards. Try to connect your front porch with all of them.

You can match the theme for all the areas. By doing so, you can make your small porch bigger than its true condition.

5. Choose Pretty and Practical Decoration

To make use of the space optimally, you have to choose the interiors that you intend to display carefully. All of the interiors you choose should be meaningful.

For example, when your wall is unsightly, you can choose a small painting to cover it. The way to conceal the unattractive wall, a small but unique painting is able to show that it is practical as well as a beautiful choice.

Put a unique small round table near your small chairs as the place to store glasses or plates when you happen to have outdoor meals on your front porch.

Small front porch decorating for fall

6. Minimize Clutters

Don’t keep many clutters on your front porch. Too many clutters can kill the livability from your porch. Throw away everything that has already worn-out, out-dated and also ill-used. Remember! Only keep items which are pretty and practical to display the space all over the porch.

7. Decorate with Plants

To disguise the border between the yard and the small veranda, put some greenery. Prefect sized plants which are located on between those two lines can make your porch looks bigger.

You can display small pants along the pathways or hang some small soft-colored flower planters, or plant some trailing vegetation in soft hues to mix the softscape and the hardscape.

8. Play with Colors

To create spacious porch, you can play with the colors. Correct mixture of them can help you trick the eyes of the beholders. The combination of dark and light colors can make the atmosphere of your porch cozy and comfortable.

The color combination is also capable of creating great image expansiveness. If you don’t have much information on the color combination for spacious look, you can consult the internet for some references.

Do you have already in mind about what style to apply? Do you go for rustic porch style, bohemian style, Scandinavian style, or anything? If you have decided on the décor style, you can choose some interiors to go along with it. Follow the tips and be ready to make some amazing experiments on your small porch!

Simple Tips How to Decorate a Small Front Porch

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