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What Types of Porch Swings is Right for You?

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There are several types of porch swings that can decorate your house. You can choose from the traditional until the modern porch swing.

The next information will describe the types of porch you should consider. It helps you in making decision and choosing the best porch swing for you. Check this out.


1. Classic Porch Swing

This type of porch swing is really common in the market and it has decorated many people’s front yards since several years ago.

This simple design is really casual, so it suits with the all types of decoration and theme. Although this is the basic model, this classic swing is crafted in detail.

It is made of strong woods, which are durable and everlasting. Do not be afraid of getting rotten or infected by mold because you can always choose high quality woods for the swings.

The design of this swing is safe and comfortable, making it a fine choice for your porch.

Classic porch swing
Image: pinterest.com

2. Rollback Porch Swing

This simple and elegant porch swing is often made of the high quality wood or steel and is crafted by the talented craftsmen.

The design alone is unique because it features a ‘rolled’ back and front concept. This concept actually offers comfort at the same time while it looks unique.

The contour can relax you all day long while sitting or sleeping on this porch. Moreover, choosing one made of rustproof hardware can make this porch swing more durable and long lasting.

Rollback porch swing
Image: theporchswingcompany.com

3. Console Porch Swing

This elegant porch swing has a console in the middle so that you can put your food or beverage safely.

This unique porch swing is made of either high quality woods or steel, which are strong and long lasting.

Many people choose this porch swing because the design is really interesting and practical as they don’t need to provide table anymore.

Porch swing with console

4. Decorative Porch Swing

This decorative porch swing is included in the modern design and it has completely different concept comparing to the traditional one.

The craftsmen ornate shapes or characters into the high quality woods or steel that can make this porch swing more adorable.

This decorative porch swing has several unique colors, such as yellow, red, blue, green, or even flag from several countries.

The most interesting part of this swing is on its intricate details that make it special.

Decorative porch swings
Image: Pinterest.com

5. Engraved Porch Swing

An engraved porch swing is really unique because you can request to the craftsmen to engrave your name at the back.

It is commonly made of the high quality wood or steel which are long lasting and cannot be infected by mold.

To make this porch swing more beautiful, you can finish it with your favorite color or shade that fits your exterior design.

Many times, people prefer to engrave certain pattern instead initial or name.

Engraved Porch Swing
Image: stylemotivation.com

6. Porch Swing Bed

If you like to take a nap outside your room, this porch swing bed is the best for you because you can sleep on this porch swing.

It has a larger size than the other types of porch swings and this is why it is appropriate for napping.

It is commonly equipped with nice cushion and pillows, and it is commonly made with extra balance for real comfort and safety. It is actually appropriate for your indoor as well.

Hanging daybed porch swing
Image: hangingporchbeds.com

Those are the references that you need to consider. When you want to choose the best types of porch swings for you, consider the options above. Don’t forget to add an eye catching and comfortable look to your space as well. And also very important, adjust well to the type design of your patio.

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