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The Different Types of Screen for Porches

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When you want to choose the best porch screen for you, you need to consider the quality, size, and color.

Every type of screen has different functions, so you need to think about your needs while making a decision on the porch screen.

The following passage will describe the types of screen for porches to help you make the right choice. Check this out.

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1. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is the most common porch screen in our society because the price of this material is inexpensive, even the cheapest one and it offers better visibility that can minimize the sunlight glare.

Actually, fiberglass is good enough for your house, but it is not as strong as the metal screen. Fiberglass is easy to scratch and tear, so you need to consider this weakness.

One of the fiberglass’ strength is provided in various colors, such as silver, gray, black, and charcoal. Most people choose black because it can produce the least glare.

Fiberglass porch screen

2. Aluminum

Aluminum is also common among the societies because its’ price is not really expensive and the quality is good enough because it offers excellent visibility.

The weakness is on the bare metal screen which can cause glare while receiving direct sunlight. Aluminum is a bit harder, more rigid, and more durable than fiberglass.

Remember, do not use aluminum in coastal areas because it is easy to oxidize. Aluminum also has several color options, such as charcoal, black, and gray.

Aluminum screen porch

3. Premium Metals

Premium metals are available in several types, such as bronze, copper, stainless steel, and Monel. These materials are included on the high quality materials which are long-lasting and tough. They also hold on in all climates.

Moreover, these materials are more elegant than others, which explains why its’ price is also more expensive.

4. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is well-known for its corrosion resistance, strength, and its’ suitability for marine environments. Moreover, this material will not rust and it only has one color option, which is silver.

Therefore, it is also known to cause glare under the sunlight. Because it is included in a high quality material, the price is relatively expensive.

5. Brass

Brass is really strong, abrasion resistant, and inappropriate for salt water area. The color is yellowish gold that will fade on several atmospheric conditions.

This material is also considered very unique as it can be bent by hand easily. This product is quite expensive because it has a good quality.

6. Vinyl-coated polyester

This material is designed to control the sun and resist pet. It is really suitable for hot climates and it can wipe off the heat to the framing system.

It is available in various colors which are eye catching. This material is not expensive as well. It makes a good option while you choose certain material for the outdoor use.

Those are the references that you need to consider when you want to choose the best types of screen for porch. Make a choice by considering your unique needs and preferences. Don’t forget to consider the design for the more charming look.

Screen porch designs with fireplace
Screen porch designs with fireplace, Image:

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