Home Styles Kitchen Island with Breakfast Bar

Kitchen Island Design: Home Styles Kitchen Island with Breakfast Bar

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What is your biggest dream of your kitchen design? If you are looking for the design that will make your kitchen looks awesome and stunning where you can barely leave the kitchen, then you need to add the design of Home Styles kitchen island with breakfast bar.

What makes this design perfect for your kitchen and how to choose the right design for your kitchen? To answer those questions, then you may want to read the explanation below.


Design of the Kitchen Island with Breakfast Bar

Many kitchen styles nowadays use modern or contemporary designs to make the appearance of the kitchen look elegant, classy, and clean.

There are many kitchen designers as well who offer their skills in order to make your kitchen looks amazing.

However, if you plan to make the design of your kitchen island on your own, therefore this kitchen island’s design will give you the best of it.

This kitchen island design can be made of high-quality wood and firm hardwoods. The appearance of the island in this design should be dominated by rich black and old-looking oak finish, so that it will leave an impression of distressed look. Other bold finishes are great as well.

The features of this design include storage drawer that can be glided easily, antique nickel hardware, convenient drop leaf that provides dining or serving space, cabinet doors with shelves that can be adjusted, and an open storage with an adjustable shelf to keep some kitchen’ tools inside.

This kitchen island design comes with medium size of 49.75w, 26.5d, and 36.5h in standard. The medium-sized island also features two bar stools that are also manufactured with high-quality material like firm hardwoods, and the design of both the kitchen island and the bar stools match as well.

Due to the size of the kitchen island which is not too big, it only provides two bar stools. However, it is highly possible for you to get more stools on it.

Home styles kitchen island with breakfast bar in black

Features in Kitchen Island with Breakfast Bar

After you know all about this particular kitchen island, you should know about the entire important kitchen island with breakfast bar you need to look for. There are some features that you can notice in this design.

1. Breakfast Bar

The breakfast bar in this design has the same height as the island counter. However, the height should be several inches higher than the island counter itself to block the view of kitchen clutter.

2. Bar Stools

The bar stools are the important feature that should be owned if you want to design kitchen island with breakfast bar. The height should be measured based on the height of the breakfast bar to ensure its compatibility.

3. The Layer

The layer for the breakfast bar can be made different from the cooking bar or prep work. However, it may be the same if you want to make the breakfast bar portable.

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This kitchen island’s design is a really great design and it can make your kitchen looks awesome and attractive. Moreover, this kitchen island will provide you with flexibility and easy accessibility. If you are interested in having one, make sure that you have all the features needed for designing the kitchen island with breakfast bar.

Natural Home Styles Kitchen Island with Breakfast Bar stainless steel top

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