Types of Porch Lights

Types of Porch Lights

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Porch light has various designs and colors. Before visiting the appliance store and purchasing the porch light, you better have decided the one that you want.

Where do you want to put the porch light? Depending on your answer, you may have to choose different porch light design. Its design varies and shaped to fit the utility.

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1. Path Light

A house with big garden needs to have some path lights. It provides the illumination for those who walk from the gate to the front door.

You can have the electricity or solar type. If you choose the electric light, then you will need to install electric cables. Solar type, just like its name, requires the heat of sunlight to be stored in the light bulb.

In the night, this energy will emit the radiant light. As you walk down the yard and calculate how many porch lights needed, you are also recommended to determine which side of the yard that need the lighting. Think about the safety consideration.

Path light ideas

2. Ceiling Light

This type of light is hung above the door. This type is the perfect choice for corridor illumination. The gleam from this light spreads equally to all areas.

There are two models for ceiling light: the pendant and the flush mount. The first model will give a lively atmosphere to the corridor.

You can see the long chain or cable, connecting the ceiling and the lamp. The pendant model suits well to house with high ceiling.

If your ceiling is low, then you want the flush mount model. It looks like a ball cut in half and glued directly on the ceiling.

Outdoor ceiling porch lights
Image: designwalls.com

3. Sconces

In houses with long doorways, the owner usually put sconces lighting next to the door. It helps the room occupant to put the keys right into the keyhole.

In addition, you can also identify the visitor easily. The sconces are well suited for this purpose because it could indirectly illuminate the upper and lower part at the same time.

Usually this type of lighting has one up to three arms, each of them is equipped with its own light bulb.

The arm of sconces has various designs. You can find the one resembling branches, crafted wood, or even a mini statue.

Outdoor porch sconces
Image: madebymood.com

4. Post Lighting

The other porch lighting mentioned previously need to be installed to certain supporter: ceiling, wall, and the path. If you would like to have the porch light that can stand on its own, then post lighting is the answer.

It could provide illumination on the garden at night. Usually, people place the post lighting on the pathway, backyard or near the gate to provide better street visibility.

Deck post lighting ideas
Image: mylifeonthedeck.com

Post lighting could also be a great pair to path light. Layering the lights could bring different impression to the pathway.

The path lights are commonly installed near to the ground. The post lighting complements them by illuminating the upper part of the pathway.

Porch light is the important decoration for your outdoor area. At the same time, it enhances your eyesight as well as your house details. See also tips to choose front porch at this article, click here.

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