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Five Tips to Decorate a Small Bedroom

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Do you have a small bedroom but lots of things to store? Don’t worry. These useful tips will help you to cast a magic spell upon your tiny personal room.

1. Bring the bed close to the window

Small bedroom will be or at least look cramped with poor light. Therefore, you need to utilize any natural light for your bedroom.

It is recommended for you to put your bedroom next to the window. It will help the color of your bed sheet blends effortlessly with the shining light that comes from the window.

Facing your bed to the window is the worst scenario. The sunlight can hit your eyes directly every morning.

If you put the bed next to the window, the sunlight comes into the room from your side. Thus, it won’t hurt your eyes.

Bunk bed ideas for small bedroom
Small bedroom ideas bed under window

2. Pick the focal point

There should be at least one place that catches your sight the moment you enter the room. In a bedroom, this focal point will naturally be the bed. The head bed could take more detailed things such as small decorations.

You can hang photos, small gifts, or any of your framed work. It helps you to distract yourself from any piled up things in the room.

It is not recommended to have any other catchy big things in the bedroom. So, keep the ideas of buying new huge furniture for the other rooms.


3. Make use of every space

Having the small bedroom does not mean that you have to put away your belongings in other rooms. You just need to be a little creative and maximize every space in your room.

For example, the space under the bed could hold several boxes. You can put your clothes there.

To cover it, let the blanket hanging from the bed. You can also use the available empty spaces on the walls to put your books.

Remember, no heavy boxes on the wall. If you have some spaces left under your window, you can also use it.

4. Choose a minimalist cover for the window

There are two possible atmospheres you can create in a small bedroom: a cozy room and a colorful one. For every room atmosphere, you should put the color on the fabric goods. Pick the color of bed sheet, pillow cover and blanket to your taste. You can also paint the wall.

However, the window should not be overly decorated with heavy colorful curtains. It will make your room dark and not comfortable. Also, molds may start to grow when your room is damp. You can choose simple vertical bamboo blinds or simple white curtain instead.

Small bedroom decorating ideas with large window, green bedcover, and painting frame
Large window, green bedcover, and painting frame for small bedroom decoration, image:

5. Put the decoration in a thoughtful way

It is okay to give a touch of your favorite color to the small bedroom. This green light does not mean that you could just put them in without any consideration. Your bedroom is most likely to be messed with color. If you love bright strong color, then put it together with neutral color.

It makes your favorite color stands out better. When you put two or more bright colors together, then they will overpower each other. For the decoration, pick something small, too. You do not want to have any big ornaments as it will take up the space and make your room look smaller.

Decorating is fun. It is no exception to the small bedroom. It is also exciting, as long as you know the dos and don’ts. After all, you want to have comfortable room, not the messy one.

Tips to decorate a small bedroom

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