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While the house build on less than 300 meter land is gaining more popularity, some people are afraid of sacrificing their comfort they always dream about.

Actually, with proper planning, thoughtful design and suitable furniture, tiny house might bring you closer to the family while having comfort zone for yourself.

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1. Folded Tiny House

It is important to learn that most tiny house could be delivered by large truck. Therefore, the house owner should make sure that the house is small enough for transporting but big enough to fit all the family members. While many tiny house developers are happy with the fixed build, there is an option for folded house.

The dream house could be expanded when it has reached the destined place. The expansion is on the side walls area, so the house won’t exceed the maximum length promised. In total, the width could reach up to 4.6 m, while it only appears as 2.6m box on the truck.  The standard length of the standard house is 8m.

In total, the available floor space inside the tiny house is around 30 square meters. To compromise with the limited space, you have to put double function furniture inside. Also, maximize the use of ceiling and walls. For example, set the office and bedroom in one corner. At daylight, fold the drop down bed and set the computer table.

Another corner in the house would serve as the dining area, which is also the living room located close to the mini kitchen. You also has the simple standing shower. For the power, this house uses solar panel. The toilet type is the dry one. You can choose to have the flushing option.

Folding tiny house design ideas

2. Cardboard House

Some people do not take the tiny house for spending the rest of their life with their loved ones. Sometimes, it is only served as weekend cabin or portable office. In this case, the design of the house is quite important. Fortunately, there is a suitable option for you. It is the cardboard house.

Originally developed by furniture company, cardboard house gains attention for its unique concept. Cardboard is widely known as packaging materials and the raw supply for helmet and guitar. Considering the finished product, cardboard does have the potential as the house structure. It has durability, flexibility and safety. The company claims that their tiny house could last up to 50 years.

The stylish tiny house is build by stacking 24 layers of cardboard and wrap them around the mold with house structure. For the finishing part, the company uses waterproof foil and some wood coating. The standard size is five square meters for each house. There are some options for bigger size houses, too.

The basic design has three segments in it, which is totally fit for a portable office. If you want to make it as a weekend cabin, then ask the developers for five segments house. You will get bigger space for living room, bedroom and kitchen. There is only one bathroom in the house. It is possible to add more features like solar panel and dry toilet. Each additional feature will cost you more fee as well.

Cardboard Tiny House Design The Wikkelhouse

3. Luxurious Tiny House

Another concern from many house owners about owning a tiny house is whether they are able to show grand style with it. This question is understandable, since the limited space inside the house force many designers to reduce the size of the furniture. As the result, the interior beauty goes down to the second priority.

Thankfully, the other designers are trying to find a solution to get luxurious look in a small house. First, they incorporate a lot of classic styles for the furniture and choice of colors. Instead of closing all the access, the glass wall is installed on some walls, giving the illusion of bigger space. From the outside, you will get elegant look to replace the shabby image of the tiny house.

The house length is around 10 meter and the width reaches approximately 27 square meters. When you step into the house, the living room already draws the attention. The wall has classic pictures painted on it. Under the stairs, there is another gem; folded dining table. If it is stretched properly, you could invite ten persons to have dinner with you.

In the kitchen area, the combination of copper details, black and white walls and porcelain counter top delivers another luxurious corner for you. Even the master bedroom has king size beds and the children have their own playroom. For the last touch of grand house, an air conditioner is also installed to keep the cool temperature.

Luxurious Tiny House Interior Design

4. The Biggest Tiny House

Do you think that small house only fit for small family? Think again after reviewing the biggest tiny house available. It has three bedrooms, standard bathroom and the other things any normal house has. This feature is amazing, considering that the house has only one floor. In total, this space is suitable for a family of five.

The size of this house is quite impressive. It is 10 meters long and 2.5 meter wide. Thanks to the smart layout and design, the total floor space could be expanded to 38 square meters. Taking a look from the outside, the house is covered in board walls and metal roof. The entrance consists of small wooden porch and classic French door. You might be amazed to find that the floor inside the house is made mostly from pine wood.

The Biggest Tiny House Design

The living room area is directly connected to the small kitchen in the U corner. It has standard stove with four burners and even a fridge. On the sides, there are lots of cabinets to store multifunctioning equipments. The master bedroom is just across the kitchen. You can stand upright on this area. The other two bedrooms are installed near the ceiling.

The limited space cannot stop the flow of creativity. Instead of offering repeated designs, many architects ans interior designers come up with brilliant idea to maximize the tiny space. In the end, you will have a private love house that gives comfort to the guests as well. Pick one of the ideas and apply to your tiny house!

For get more ideas, maybe you can follow these images below. Hope you get some inspiration before build your own or buy or rent or your another projects.

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