How much does a tiny house cost to build?

How much does a tiny house cost to build?

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Most of us think that an ideal house is a house with large area and complete stuff.

However, some people believe that they can have their dream house even with the tiny size. If so, the design and the structure have to be matched with the budget.

Here are some explanations about the cost you can use as references, in case you are planning of building a tiny house.

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The Possible Options of Types

Since you are going to build a tiny house, your options are sorted automatically. The choices will not be as many as if you are going to build a large house.

Therefore, to make your tiny house worth, you have to choose the right type, so that you will not find it strange when your tiny house is done. Here are some options of the types you may choose.

1. House on Wheels

It’s not a secret that building tiny house on wheels are usually less expensive than any other types of house. However, some people still find it hard to guess how much money they need to build their tiny house on wheels. Basically, whether you are planning to DIY or simply buy it, the cost will surely different. So, let’s start from this kind of house.

Basically, building DIY tiny house surely requires not only a piece of skill but also time and money in constructing the house. That is the reason why many people will rarely find built options with professional set up and comfortable needs like shower and toilet for less than $20.000. If you plan to build a house on wheels with comfortable interior, you will at least need to spend around $25.000.

How much Tiny House on Wheels cost to build

2. Recreational Vehicle

When we talk about building a tiny house, we can make the most of everything we find or everything we have, including an old vehicle. For those who like designing or utilizing old things, this idea is worth trying.

Imagine you start building your own house using an old recreational vehicle. One thing you need to remember if you plan to use this idea is how large the vehicle is.

For building a house from an old vehicle, make sure that the vehicle is large enough. If you don’t have one, you can buy it but don’t spend more than $500. Let’s say that the $500 is the beginning for your whole project. Firstly, you have to deal with the vehicle first.

Clean all the unnecessary parts so that you can start using the vehicle. To make it more affordable, you can also maximizing up cycled materials. The total cost estimated to build this tiny house from an old vehicle is not more than $12.000.

How much cost to build tiny house recreation vehicles?

3. Tiny Vacation House

If you like to build a tiny house with vacation theme, this idea may suit you. Building a tiny vacation house will not need much money. However, building this kind of house will not as simple as building another type of house.

Make sure that your plan is structured enough to make this one comes true. With the right management, this tiny will not cost not more than $2.900.

How much tiny vacation house cost to build?

The Cost Breakdown

Now that you have selected the types of your tiny house, you will also need to know the more detail breakdown about the cost you need to build your tiny house. Surely, different types will have different detail of the cost but overall, you are going to pay attention to these factors.

1. Permission

No matter how small or how big the house you are going to build, you will always need the permission from the local officers. Therefore, you have to prepare the cost fpr the local building permission. Surely, the number of the cost can be different in any place but the range has to be from hundreds to a thousand dollars.

To find out the exact number you have to pay for the permission, you can check it online and browse the local area you are living. Usually, there will be the list of the cost for the building permission, so that the officers cannot ask for more money. Going through the legal way is always better than the illegal one.

Tiny house interior design ideas

2. Materials

The cost for the materials will definitely depend on the concept of your tiny house. Most people usually like to use the new materials, but it’s also not a rare thing where people prefer to use the recycled one.

The cost for the new materials is surely more expensive than the cost for the recycled ones. In this case, you will also need to make sure about the quality of the materials.

For example, the quality of a used counter and a new granite countertop can be different. It’s the quality that sometimes forces you to pay more money for the new materials.

The difference at the cost between the new and the recycled materials is probably several hundred dollars, but you also have to think about how long they will last.

3. Labors

The cost for this one is truly optional. If you think you are able to build your tiny house by your own, then it will save you a lot of money. But if you don’t, hiring labor is your best option.

In fact, if you decide to build it by your own, you have to make sure that you have calculated and have built the entire house perfectly. Otherwise, you will never know how long your house will last.

Normally, the cost for a hired labor is for about $10-$15 per hour. It means you have to calculate how many labors you are going to hire if you are sure that you cannot build it by your own. Usually, a tiny house takes 1.500-2.000 hours to be built. Therefore, you can calculate how much you will spend for the labors according to your current design.

Tiny house lighting ideas

4. Electricity and Plumbing

The last important things about your tiny house are the electricity and plumbing. Surely, the cost will depend on whether you are planning to live on or off the grid. Normally, tiny house owners spend around $1.000-$1.500 on plumbing and $300-$500 on wiring.

Those explanations simply show that you don’t have to build a large house to have your dream house. With the right design, concept and surely right cost, building an ideal tiny house is possible for everyone.

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