Most Popular Tiny Home Storage Ideas

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Storage doesn’t have to be large. Sometimes with the right design, you can have a storage that can accommodate all of your stuff, even when you think that your storage is too tiny.

The problems come when people don’t really know how to make the most of their tiny home. Therefore, follow these ideas if you plan to have a home with tiny storage.

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1. Go Vertical

You may think that any rooms with vertical space will not be too effective. There will be so many wasted spaces when you plan to go vertical, especially in most of tiny homes.

However, that way of thinking is not always right. Some home owners are just too smart to maximize the spaces of their tiny homes, to create vertical space storage.

Another important thing of creating vertical space storage is about how you can make it looks catchy for eyes. You can start it from the simplest one; the color of your storage.

The color you choose for your storage will take an important part in creating larger atmosphere in your storage. Bright colors can lead your unconscious mind to think that your vertical space storage actually has more spaces.

Bathroom tiny home storage ideas

2. A New Way to Stash Bed

Just because you have a tiny home, don’t ever think that you will not be able to store any large stuff to your storage. There is always a way to make the most of your tiny storage, even when you think that it’s not possible.

This idea will clearly open your mind that you can store almost anything to your storage, including your full-sized bed for two people. It may looks complicated at first but in fact, it’s always possible to be applied in almost all tiny storages. This idea will make you maximize your floor space to store the full-sized bed.

The full-sized bed will be installed underneath the five-foot to seven-foot your office area. It means you can place your desk right above your bed. Therefore, you have to make sure that the bed will be easily glides in and glides out underneath your desk using locking casters.

Bed storage tiny house design ideas

3. Disappearing Staircase

This next idea will also bring you to the next level of maximizing your tiny storage. This time, you can build a staircase that can only be seen when it’s used. The concept is almost the same with placing the bed underneath. The difference is you will have a staircase that can glides in and glides out whenever you like.

What’s the good of this idea? Of course you will have two benefits if you apply this idea. The first one is you still can maximize your wall as your storage since the staircase can glides in or glides out. It means that it will not distract the main function of the wall.

The second benefit is you can also maximize the space above your storage wall. The flexible staircase has to lead you to another place. In this case, if you have enough space, you can even install your full-sized bed there. So, it feels like you live in a loft, although in fact, it’s the result of making the most of your tiny storage.

Storage stairs for tiny house

4. Slat Wall Shelving

If you have much stuff but it feels like ypu run out of space, probably you can try this idea. This idea offers you to make the most of your wall. Using slat wall panels, you can build a very flexible storage space in your bedroom or any other room. The slat wall will also allow you to build as many shelves as you want. More than that, it will not require you to spend much for the budget.

What makes this idea flexible is that the slats will secure all those shelves to the wall. Since you don’t use bolts to secure the shelves, you are totally free to add, remove or rearrange the shelving anyway you want. Thus, the shelving will depend on the stuff you will store there. The bigger your stuff, the less the shelves you can install on your slat wall panels.

Slatwall Panel Tiny house Storage Design Ideas

Slatwall Shelving ideas for tiny house

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5. Outdoor Storage

This idea will be very suitable for those who have a problem with arranging their shoes. If you have an issue with how well you can arrange your shoes, you can simply store your shoes to this outdoor storage. This idea offers you to build stairs in front of your front door; where the shoes are usually disorganized. Inside the stairs, you will be able to arrange your shoes neatly.

It’s suggested for you to use woods as the main materials since ti will ease you in taking care of it later. You can decide the number of the stairs you are going to build. However, the number of the stairs in front of a front door is normally not too many; except you have a high ground on your front door.

Trailer Tiny house outdoor storage

6. Double Duty Furniture

This next idea offers you simple yet fascinating double built-in in your storage space. Necessarily, it’s recommended for you to build this idea in your dining area. You can build the double work space to ease you in doing your duty. Build double seat in your dining area so you can enjoy your meal while finishing your duty. As an addition, you can also install stow stuff, behind or underneath each seat.

Double duty furniture space saving for tiny house or small space

7. Under Floor Storage

This idea may seem ordinary but it’s actually effective. If you think you have no space to store your stuff, why don’t you build it under floor? Storing your stuff under the floor will not only help you in hiding your important belongings but will also help you to make your home looks more arranged, since you don’t have to think about how to arrange the stuff properly if you store them under the floor.

Under floor storage tiny homes design ideas

Having a tiny home should not be a problem when you want to have an interesting storage inside it. With the right execution for those ideas, you can always have your storage you are dreaming about.

Interesting Most Popular Tiny House Storage Design Ideas

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