How to Decorate Corner Shelves

How to Decorate Corner Shelves

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Are you planning on decorate your corner shelves? You must be considerate in choosing the perfect decoration.

Why is it? It is because corner shelves are the complement of the other room decoration or in another word; the decorations on these shelves complete the room atmospheres.

These are the decorations possible for your corner shelves:


1. Typography Quotes

Simple yet elegant, also it is classy in its own way. Have you ever heard of typography? It is an art of handwriting with elegant font and style, often used for writing quotes.

These typography hand writings are written in a piece of paper or it can also be printed.

On corner shelves, you don’t need too many decorations or your room would look messy. Just place 2 typography quotes, written or printed in 2 different sizes of paper, and frame those paper with black wood frame.

Put the little one on top and the bigger one on the bottom. Or you can just arrange it based on your creativity.


2. Artificial Plants

For these artificial plants, you can buy one along with the pot; so it is much easier and cheaper than the real ones. Do not buy the big ones. Buy the ones with the size that is smaller than your frames.

Remember, the decorations on these shelves are just for complementary, so it does not need to be big. There are different kinds of artificial plants. There are cactus, moss, silk plants, and flowers. The one that is the most recommended is roses.

Roses with vibrant color will give an extra warmth sensation in your room while roses with white or cream colors would give harmony and elegance. But green will always bring freshness. So mixing them together is recommended, but keep it simple.

Corner ladder shelf white

3. Books

Books are the most common decoration for shelves. Why is it? It is because books give an extra calm atmosphere, and books would look good to be mixed with typography quotes.

A small portion of books on the shelves, mixed with the other decoration would make your room tidier and cleaner. It also gives smart and minimalist design to the room.

Typography with writings “Live smarter every day” would be perfect to be mixed with these books.


4. Table Clock and Candles

For the clock, pick the one that has antique looking. The antique looking would give your room an elegance and classy atmosphere.

These atmospheres are perfect to be mixed with the other decorations above. Just make sure to keep the size smaller than the typography frame and don’t put more than 1 clock. A small, old-looking alarm clock will be perfect.

For the candles, don’t put on too many of them. Just buy 2 thick candles with different heights.

These decorations will surely give your room a complete harmony atmosphere and smarter nuances. The typography and the books enrich each other, the candles and the clock gives relaxed and classy nuance, and the plants give fresh feelings.

These decorations are the best recommended for you who seek these atmospheres and nuances to complete your room.

Black and white rood design ideas using corner shelves desk

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