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Great Tips For Indoor Hanging Potted Plants

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Sunny weather won’t be that impressive when you only have a terrace with standard furniture.

For a splash of freshness, you are going to need greenery view. Purchase your favorite plants and bring home several pots of them home.

Since arranging them on the floor would be boring, hang them instead.

1. Palm Hanger

A pot, even the decorated one, is too common for a plant hanger. Create your own plant hanger from palm scoop, metal mesh screen, coconut fiber and succulent plants.

You can always change the plants to your preference. The first step would be folding the metal mesh to cone shape, measuring it to the palm scoop. After you get the right size, use simple wire to attach the metal cone to the scoop.

Proceed by painting the metal screen with rustic color. Take the coconut fabric and put it inside the metal cone. Tear a little bit on the middle part and fold the wings to the inner side.

Pour the cactus mix soil and add the succulent. Repeat the process until the succulents are stacked nicely. Make a hole on the top part and hang it on your entrance. Be careful while watering the plant; pour moderate amount of water only.

2. Fishbowl Planter

A hanging planter could keep it away from the curious toddlers. If you haven’t had any, don’t buy one yet. The used fishbowl is also suitable as re-purposed planters.

When you take it out from store room, bring out drill, s hooks and chain. Drill a hole under the neck of the fishbowl. Then install the s hook on it. Now drill the spot on the ceiling. You can also drill the wall.

Connect the hook using chain. It is better to hang the planters on different height. When measuring this, make sure you don’t have to stand on your toes just to pour waters.

Fill the planter with soil, small rocks and plant. Just a tips for the plant; pick a variant that lives on wet soil. Don’t forget that fishbowl keeps the water on the bottom base. This condition may kill the other plants.

3. Copper Hanger

Normal planter has holes on the base, functioning as the water escape. With this feature on the pot, you need certain place to let the water drip without adding too much daily work.

Many people add a tray under the pot, but you know that this place will be a home for mosquito larvae. There is a better way to tackle this problem.

Using a copper pipe laid in between the wall shelves, you could hang the plants you love. Let the dripping water flows to the sink under the pot.

With this method, you don’t have to clean another area. Simple wiping on the ceramic wall and sink would do the whole job.

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Green things are popular for its relaxing effect, giving your eyes a sanctuary of stress relief. That is why many spa center always include living green element in its setting.

You can make things different by choosing unique hanger. It serves the function of a pot, but made of some eye-catching materials. Happy planting!




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