How To Keep Clothes From Smelling Musty

How To Keep Clothes From Smelling Musty

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One season only lasts for three months. The real challenge comes one month before the new season begins.

In winter for example, you need to make more rooms for sweaters and the other thick clothes, while the smell might disturb your concentration.

Is there any ways to vanish the bad odor? Here some tips. Check it out.


1. Maintaining Clean Washer

There is one way to check whether the problem comes from your clothes or the washing machine. Sniff at the washer hollow.

Normally, you should be able to smell detergent fragrance. If your nose detects the smelly odor, then you need to clean the washer instead of blaming the clothes.

To rinse the washer, you need to run an empty cycle with hot water mixed with laundry detergent or bleach. Read again the safety hazard and find about the use of hot water.

While running the machine, keep the lid opened. It will be the path for the vapor to escape.

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2. Drying Outdoor

One of the reason for your clothes to get mushy smell is your way of drying. Even after rolling inside the drying machine, your clothes are not completely dried.

If the season allows the sun to comes up in the morning or afternoon, it is better to hang the clothes outdoor. This process will give fresh outdoor scent to your clothes.

If you hang the clothes indoor because the season hides the sun, then make sure that room has good air circulation system.

Otherwise, your clothes will develop bad odor, since the bacteria grows happily on the clothes’ fabric.

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3. Putting Fragrant Component

When the first two resorts cannot solve the odor problem, the last option you have is defeating the mushy odor.

How? By placing a compound that could either absorb the smell or replacing the bad odor with fragrant aroma.

The good news is you can get the following items in the nearby store or supermarket.

  • Dried Lavender

It is known for its anti bacterial and anti fungal functions.  For this reason, moths stay away from it. Wrap the dried lavender inside breathable cloth and throw it to the clothes container. You could also hang one in the wardrobe.

  • Dryer Sheets

When you fold the clothes, slip in a dryer sheet in between the materials. This small addition would be a great help to lock the fresh aroma.

  • Mothballs

From the old times, your grandma might have used a mothballs. It effectively eliminates moth and secure your off-season clothes inside the storage.

Wrap a mothball inside an old sock and hang it on the highest place of the wardrobe. When the ball evaporated, the tiny compound will be floating down, as it is heavier than the air.

  • Scented Soap

Got some extra bars of your favorite soap? Instead of displaying them inside the glass box, you could make use of it. Put the soap bars inside your wardrobe or drawers.

When you finally come to greet the new season, the clothes have your favorite fragrant on them!

First of all, the bad odor around your house doesn’t happen instantly. Therefore, you have to get rid of the source first. Hanging the musty clothes under warm sunlight could reduce the unappealing smell.

If the season has minimum sunlight, then you must combat the bad smell with the good smell. Next time you store the clothes, don’t forget to slip in some dryer sheets!

Simple Tips How To Keep Clothes From Smelling Musty

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