How to remove vinegar smell from carpet

How to Remove Vinegar Smell from Carpet

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Vinegar is actually a gentle and safe product that appears to be useful for multiple purposes. This cleaning agent is actually the best solution to solve stain problem on house carpets.

However, it often leaves lingering smell on the carpet after application. This is often very annoying.

Check out the following guide to remove the smell from your carpet permanently.

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1. Air It Out

Vinegar smell naturally fades away easily. It is recommended to immediately clean it when you spill the vinegar on carpet or when you are done cleaning with it. It should be simple to remove the smell. You should try the following steps first before trying another trick.

  • Take a dry cloth or towel and blot the dampened area. You may need to make sure to use another dry side as dampening. It can get wet very easily too.


  • If it is possible, open the doors and windows in the room. It allows a lot faster air circulation in which the smelly air will be replaced with fresh air. This effect should be felt quickly within several minutes.


  • Turn on the ceiling fan if you have one. You can also bring in a portable fan into the room and turn it on. Point it to the carpet and to the direction in which the smell is pushed outside. It will be helpful especially when there is no wing at all that day.


  • Wait until the smell is gone. The vinegar will evaporate and the smell will fades as it fades as well in general condition.

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2 Simple Way How to Remove Vinegar Smell from Carpet

2. Using Baking Soda

In some cases, simple and natural cleaning as suggested above doesn’t work ultimately. You may find the smell lingers and it starts to cause your dizziness and headache.

In such situation, it is recommended to use baking soda to remove the smell. It’s pretty easy to do. Check out the following steps.

  • The very cause the stinky smell lingers on is maybe because your carpet is still dampened with it. Check on your carpet and see if it is the condition. If it is, use a dry cloth or towel and blot the affected area again until almost dry.


  • When you are done blotting, sprinkle some baking soda on the affected area. Make sure it covers the entire surface that needs to be treated. Then, leave it to soak in for around an hour.


  • After an hour, vacuum the carpet until the surface is clean from baking soda. By then, your carpet should smell fresh again. If it isn’t, you can repeat the same procedures two or three times more.

Using baking soda is actually a lot more practical. It is easy to get and it is cheap. Baking soda is an effective cleaning solution with safe and natural properties. However, make sure to wear gloves to prevent too much exposure.

Now, you have more than enough option to clean your carpet and get more time before finally selling the carpet for good sake.


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